Compared to other Plushberry buds I’ve seen online, my nugs weren’t as dense, colorful, and trichome-heavy, but they were more than enough to elicit moderate-to-strong hallucinogenic and relaxing effects. 

Plushberry is an indica-dominant strain with well-balanced mind and body effects. Its mildly sweet and earthy aroma isn’t too pungent, which is great for discreet consumption, but still gives off a honeyed berry aroma.

Black Cherry Soda and Space Queen Genetics

Plushberry was bred by TGA Subcool Seeds during their first breeding experiment with Kush genetics. TGA crossed Black Cherry Soda and Space Queen cuts to produce an indica-leaning strain with up to 20 percent THC. 

Originally called Pink Lady due to its rosy hue, Plushberry gets its name from its distinct berry aroma. Its availability has expanded beyond its Pacific Northwest origins into states neighboring states like California.

Deep Green and Full of Pistils

Some Plushberry phenotypes include a wide range of violet, pink, golden-yellow hues among its forest green bud leaves. These vibrant colors only appear in cannabis buds that have been grown in cool climates as a protective mechanism against the frigid temperatures. 

My buds had wide-open calyxes making its stems visible. Within the Plushberry buds were crystal-clear trichomes that looked liked glistening dew on a plant. My buds also had a plentiful amount of spindly hay-colored pistils giving the buds a “hairy” appearance.

Ripe Forest-Picked Berry Aroma

Despite its lackluster looks, Plushberry had an invigorating berry aroma with hints of tropical fruit notes such as ripe mangos and papaya. Its sweet berry smell is immediately noticeable, but I also enjoyed its complementary earthy undertones that were mildly musky.

Black Cherry Soda passes on its berry scent that may remind you of a childhood candy or sweet treat. Due to its Kush genetics, I also noticed hints of citrus, skunk, and pine in my Plushberry buds. The combination of these sweet and earthy smells made for a pleasant and complex aroma when vaped.

Relaxing and Functional

My preferred consumption method, at the moment, is vaporization. After packing a couple of full oven-loads of my Pax with Plushberry buds, I felt creeping effects that intensified with time. I felt my muscles and mind begin to relax and become more focused within the first few minutes. I was surprised to feel an increasingly stronger hazy feeling that eventually made me space out and focus on whatever fleeting thought I had.

Needless to say, consuming enough Plushberry can be distracting, but completely calming. Other users smoke Plushberry in the evenings or at night because it makes them drowsy. For me, the Plushberry buds weren’t as strong as other strains, but did produce a solid experience and improved mood.

I’ll be on the lookout for the pink-colored Plushberry, but my first introduction to this strain was a success. I felt energized in the beginning without feeling too overwhelmed with cerebral effects. Terpene lovers will appreciate the complex collection of aromatic compounds, while recreational users will enjoy its uplifting effects.

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