Branding is everything. Of course, never judge a book by its cover, first impressions are not everything… make sure to try as many strains as you can, to gain a full understanding of what it is you like. Unfortunately, I’m a sucker for a catchy name, and when the budtender said she had a great sativa for a $30 eighth, I didn’t even need to take a whiff to know that I would have to try it. How could I not try something as beautiful and fantastical sounding as Dream Lotus?

The sativa is a cross between Blue Dream and Snow Lotus, known for its balance of sensations, with a relatively low THC content compared to recent strains of hybrids and sativa I’ve been using lately. Blue Dream is a classic strain, easy for the occasional smoker and the patient seeking something light that can cure their ailments without sending them into a deep sleep. Snow Lotus is popular amongst those seeking cannabis for meditation and mental peace. Bringing these elements out in a sativa dominant blend creates a surprisingly alert yet calm sensation. I can enjoy Dream Lotus at almost any point in the day so far, and feel good about it. I can take a hit as I’m getting ready in the morning to set my stomach discomfort and early morning headaches, another bowl before a self-expressive dance session at the beach, and a few more hits as I’m settling on the couch before bed for an HBO drama marathon.

If you’ve been following my journey as a cannabis consumer, you know that my most frequent desire when shopping for weed is to find versatile strains. I love cannabis that fulfills a specific purpose, need, and sensation, but I what I really want is cannabis that I can light up at any point and find value in it.

Dream Lotus is definitely one of those “just right” strains. The best of both worlds is a suitable description for the high- you get the zen, chill relaxation from a kush strain, and the clarity of mind and lightness of body you would want in a sativa. And even with my indica-only friends, there have been no complaints of paranoia or an overactive string of thoughts.

It’s quite tasty and smooth… I do not believe I have been stricken with any embarrassing coughing fits while enjoying buds of Dream Lotus in my pipe. I also found it to be ideal for rolling in a joint- enough hold to stay together, but not so sticky that I couldn’t get it off my fingers. And inside the rolling paper, you want a strain that won’t go down too hard. Dream Lotus is easy to take in, easy to get where you want to go. For the heavier stoners, it may take more than is worth smoking to reach body-melting couchlock. But for a good morning or night out? Dream Lotus can be counted on for a clean and calm high that keeps you in control.


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