Over ten years ago, I was given some test seeds from a home grower in Southern California. The seeds were the White Fire OG Kush and they produced some of the best pot I had ever grown up to that point. Sadly, I ended up losing the genetics after a bad spider mite outbreak and lost contact with the grower who went by the name of OG Raskal. Fast forward to today and the Wi-fi OG is now one of the most respected strains in the business and OG Raskal is one of the most respected growers/breeders in the cannabis world. Recently on a trip to my local shop, I found a good looking sample of some Wi-fi OG Sugar Wax from WA Grower out of Washington State for only $17USD. It had been a couple of years since last trying her so I was excited to take a trip down memory lane and see what this extract was all about. As for the genetics, Wi-fi OG is a Sativa-dominant cross of two highly regarded strains in the Fire OG Kush and The White.

At first glance, this batch of sugar wax was absolutely breathtaking. One massive golden-orange rock, this Wi-fi OG was like looking at a substance from another planet. As I glanced at her in the sun, the brilliant shine off of her was almost blinding. This looked like some heady gear and definitely had the appearance of a Cup Winner. As soon as I opened the jar my nose was met with skunk tones along with a heavy diesel funk. I was also able to smell what I’d describe as an old school minty hashish flavor that really grabbed my attention.

I decided to use my Toro Glass Bubbler for the session and as soon as I attempted to dig my nail into the wax I was a little disappointed as the consistency was very hard and brittle. It wasn’t a shatter type brittle but it took a nice amount of work in order to grab a decent size dab. Sadly, as I lifted the nail a small piece of the wax fell on the floor to be never be seen again which was a bit of a buzzkill. When I finally placed the dab into the quartz banger, I was met with a wonderful hit that left a delicious bouquet of sweet gas and skunk on my tongue that I could taste well after exhale. As for the stone, the Wi-fi was a nice balanced high that gave me energy while also taking away my back pain, but I wouldn’t recommend it for sleep as it had me going. It wasn’t as narcotic as I was hoping for but it was definitely a solid buzz that had me smiling for a good two hours.

Overall, this was a great strain other than the waxes hard consistency. I prefer waxes that are more pliable and easy to work with so I probably wouldn’t go with this again. As for flavor and pungency, she was a tasty mix of diesel and skunk that lasted on the palate for a while so I gave her a score of 9.1. When it came to the Wi-fi’s strength and potency, I found it to be acceptable but not the type of high I remember from the true White Fire OG so I gave her a score of 8.5/10. All in all, the Wi-fi was a decent strain that you may want to try for the flavor alone so don’t be hesitant to give it a shot if you see a good sample.

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