There are a plethora of cannabis strains with names that have great backstories such as Trainwreck and Northern Lights. However, when it comes to strains with interesting origins, nothing even comes close to G-13. There are many myths about the cut but the accepted history of the strain dates back to the ’60s where according to some folks, the CIA, FBI, and other agencies gathered the best strains of marijuana from breeders all over the world. At a secret facility at the University of Mississippi, they crossed these strains and created potent new hybrids. Supposedly, a single cut of the G-13 was taken and released to the public by a technician and bred for the masses. Now the reason I gave you this little history lesson is that recently at my local dispensary, I found a G-13 Sugar Wax from WA Grower out of Washington State for $17USD a gram that caught my eye.

At first look, the G-13 was just one massive rock that had a beautiful golden-red hue to it and a shininess that screamed terpenes. Upon opening the jar, I was instantly hit in the nostrils with heavy notes of lemon, diesel, and cream. I decided to use my Mobius Matrix bubbler and as I dug my nail into the rock I was happy to find the consistency to be slightly brittle but sticky enough to easily grab a sufficient dab. I decided to go with a little higher temperature rip and as soon as I inhaled the G-13 I knew I was in for some trouble. This G-13 hit me like a freight train as I was sweating bullets and literally had to lie down with my eyes shut for a good 15-20 seconds in order to recover. I was in another world and it was glorious, to say the least. I had almost forgotten what it was like to be fully destroyed like this. In the end, this was the deepest stone I’ve had all year without question. Taste-wise, she had a nice lemon earthiness with a slight diesel finish but this was all about her deep narcotic stone that put me in my happy place for over 2 hours and absolutely alleviated my back pain, stress, and anxiety as well as my insomnia. Please use caution as this an extremely potent strain that I wouldn’t recommend for the rookies or folks not used to heavy sedation on an opiate level.

All in all, I truly was in awe of the G-13 on every level. In terms of taste and pungency, she wasn’t the most flavorful strain I’ve sampled recently but it held its own so I gave her a 9.2. The story here, however, was about the strength and potency of this beast as the G-13 This G-13 had me rethinking my entire scoring system for reviews. I have to be honest, this is the strongest high I can remember since some Nightmare Cookies I dabbed almost 2 years ago and it’s not even close so I had to give the G-13 a 9.9/10 in terms of efficacy as she is now my new favorite strain. If you see G-13 at your local shop, give them your money and be prepared to do nothing for a while.

G-13 Sugar Wax

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