Instagram doesn’t have to be a place of bland models and teen influencers all looking like clones- it can be a wonderful resource for humor, art, and deep pathos. Here are my favorite hashtags and pages  to check out for amusement during a good high.

#collageart – come here for a quick trip of psychedelia, and feign an almost-acid like mood by just going over art after art. It’s particularly inspiring because it’s only the perfect placement of already existing images! I love that. Anyone could craft a dope collage.

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#astrologymemes is good silly fun, whether you prescribe meaning to the stars or not. These make me laugh, and I’m enough of a stargazing hippie that I laugh at the idea of my Leo friends being fierce, attention loving boss girls. These should give you a laugh and maybe something to send to friends on their birthdays.

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#moodboard is a variation on the “starter-pack” trend, which is still super valid and entertaining. I love an accurately hilarious, semi depreciative, complimentary assessment of a person. In one image no less, summed up with a few key pieces and captions. Some of them are so spot on and accurate, it hurts. A lot of them are simply aesthetic, which is just as pleasant if you ask me.

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#makeupillusion will freak your mind! Especially if you scroll through this page at a steady pace, you’ll see craziness that looks so real, you’ll have to stop, zoom in, and destroy the perfect facade. A few are so perfect, you can’t even see that these looks were created with makeup.

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@veryharyhill is a refreshing young face on the witty “influencer” comedian, whose irreverence and wit is hard to not crack at least a smile. I especially enjoyed his series of IG stories at a fancy weed party with lovely little pipes where he met a giant yellow snake and felt quite nervous.

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@nasa has the most incredible images of space, galaxies, stars, and other scientific tools and transports. It’s fascinating and gorgeous. I met a man recently who said he didn’t like the word “educational” but preferred “inspirational.” I find this page a wild look at space and deeply inspirational for the reach of humankind. And I just love space!

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@victorianclassicism is so gorgeous and lush with early European art, it’s quite addicting. I love its romance, and the epic vibe of these paintings. Being transported to a different era is so neat, and doing it through the lens of art and myth kinda blows one’s mind.

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@thephysiofix is a bodily therapist who frequently posts to this page lots of great tips for pain management, stretching, and preventative care. I love looking at things I can do right then and there and feel an improvement in my wrist or foot from a simple movement with lots of explanation. Perfect for a productive high if you maybe want a little action and some ideas.

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