Over the past few years, the strain Gorilla Glue #4 has earned its respect in the Cannabis community as one of the top flavors on the market. Now over the past few months, I’ve been seeing hybrids of the Gorilla Glue #4 such as the White Gorilla X Pineapple Kush. And on my recent trip to the dispensary, I found a new hybrid Sugar Wax from WA Growers out of Washington State named Epoxy OG, that grabbed my attention. The Epoxy OG is a 50/50 hybrid that crosses the famed Gorilla Glue #4 cut with Double Barrel OG Kush to create a strain known for its heavy gas and diesel flavors which I’m a huge fan of. Now at first look, the Epoxy OG has a beautiful fiery orange hue to it. As for the wax itself, it was extremely saucy and appeared to look more like a live resin than basic sugar wax. Once I opened the jar I was instantly hit with heavy notes of jet fuel that made me take a step back. I was also able to grab this sample up for $17USD a gram, so price wise I couldn’t have been happier.

I decided to use my Toro Glass Bubbler and once my nail dug into the extract I was amazed, as this wax had the consistency of terp sauce and diamonds. I was able to grab a nice dab on my nail and once it made contact with the quartz banger, it was on. Instantly on inhale, I was able to taste the delicious Gorilla Glue flavors but with a whole new diesel, funk finish. This was heavy duty smoke but not too harsh. Once I exhaled, there was no doubt about it, I was super duper faded. Now, it wasn’t a narcotic couch-lock high but a droopy-eyed super chilled-out happy experience. I found the Epoxy OG to be so cerebral that it had me asking questions like, “What if this life is all just a simulation?” I’ll admit I was in a different world for a good couple of hours before coming back to reality. I would definitely recommend the Epoxy OG for pain relief as my back issues were non-existent during this session. I wouldn’t imagine it to be a good strain for anyone looking for energy, as this was a relax and chill type of strain.

All in all, I truly loved the Epoxy OG sugar wax and believe it is the best sugar wax I have sampled for the price this year. The Epoxy OG is super powerful and exactly what I need for my high tolerance, so I gave her a 9.5/10 in terms of strength and potency. As for her taste and pungency, this was a brand new level of gas that reminded me of the Sour Diesel I’d get in the late ’90s. The fuel filled notes left me wanting more so I gave her a 9.7/10 which is one of the highest scores on the year. If you’re lucky enough to see Epoxy OG out there, don’t hesitate to grab some up as she is straight fire.

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