Raw Garden’s High-Fi 1 gram cartridge packs a subtle diesel punch and citrus aroma as well as a whopping 80.97 percent THC. With only 0.24 percent CBD present, this cartridge was extremely potent and intoxicating during my recent Southern California road trip up to California coast. 

Santa Barbara County’s Raw Garden fills its premium and ceramic CCELL cannabis oil cartridges with refined live resin, a type of extract made from fresh cannabis plants that have been flash-frozen, not dried and cured. Many cannabis consumers consider live resin one of the most flavorful concentrate extracts out there due to its high terpene content.

I purchased my 1 gram High-Fi live resin cartridge at Natural Healing Center in Grover Beach, CA. They offer first-time patients a 10 percent discount and I was just staying in the San Luis Obispo area for the day, so I decided to buy the $62.97 cartridge. I jumped on the chance to try out this highly-recommended concentrate brand.


All of Raw Garden’s concentrates (about 80 strains total), from their live resins to their sugars, are made from single source cannabis with natural cannabis terpenes. That means that you’re tasting the strain’s original aromatic profile with every hit. They use high-quality and fresh cannabis, not trim.

Raw Garden has even won multiple awards, most recently, the 2019 Central Valley Cannabis Cup. Their Dosi Punch Cartridge won first place for Best Vape Cartridge. They Banana OG cartridge came in second in the same category. Their award-winning streak really reflects the quality of the product.

High-Fi is a cross between Wifi 43, Lime OG, and Kosher Chem. Wifi 43 is an indica-dominant hybrid with a strong OG lineage. Lime OG is another indica hybrid that delivers an herbal and citrusy smell. Kosher Chem is a sativa-dominant cross between Kosher Kush and Chem Dawg. Each parent strain infused an earthy, citrusy, and herbal aroma to the High-Fi strain.

Earthy and Citrusy

The High-Fi live resin’s cartridge wasn’t as flavorful as I was expecting, but it still had a noticeably clean and pleasant taste and smell. Raw Garden’s extraction techniques retain more of the aromatic terpenes in the cannabis oil than traditional extraction methods. The aroma was not very noticeable, which can be perfect for discreet vaping. I was able to notice the cool, minty, and lime scent if I really paid attention.

According to its packaging and labeling, the High-Fi live resin cartridge had three major terpenes: D-limonene, B-myrcene, and terpinolene. The combination resulted in a piney and subtle citrus smell that was enjoyable to puff. Here’s the terpene concentration breakdown:

  • D-Limonene: 1.58 percent
  • B-Myrcene: 36 percent
  • Terpinolene: 0.86 percent

Clean Green Certified

Raw Garden’s Clean Green certification means that Raw Garden produces sustainable, natural, and organic cannabis oil products. Every hit of the High-Fi cartridge was smooth and strong. Knowing that the cartridge was organically-certified gave me peace of mind knowing that I wasn’t inhaling harmful residue.

Overall, Raw Garden’s High-Fi live resin cartridge was a delicious and potent vape cartridge. It’s earthy, citrus, and diesel aroma tasted pure and natural. If you’re a health-conscious consumer who always buys organic, you can’t go wrong with any Raw Garden product. I’m excited to try the rest of their products and award-winning cartridges.

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