If you’re a fan of cartoons, comics, surreal artwork, and cannabis, you can find many dark and topical cartoonists making fun of our president, social media, and themselves on Instagram. Ready to enjoy your high, laugh-out-loud, and be inspired to create your own cartoons or art? Then, check out these dark, silly, and absurd artwork by artists and illustrators that showcase their art on Instagram.

1. Johnny Sampson

Johnny Sampson’s work has been featured in major publications like MAD Magazine, The New York Times, VICE, and more. Based in Chicago, Sampson has worked on posters, album covers, ads, clothing, but my favorite pieces he’s worked on are his hilarious comics. In particular, Sampson’s creative_diffrences account makes light of the many obstacles freelancer designers have to endure. From a subtle play on words to a dry and sarcastic sense of humor, his cartoons tap into the nuances of working from home.

2. Thomas Wykes

Follow London-based  thomaswykes for some surreal and often edgy cartoons. One comic features a double entendre of The Beatles’ “Here Comes the Sun.” Another showcases the ridiculousness of a “therapy shark.” Another comic titled “The Girl with the Tattooed Dragon” shows a cool and rebellious tattooed dragon with his arm his girlfriend. If you like any of his artwork, make sure to check out his Etsy shop for cards and commissions.

3. Herr Seele & Kamagurka

Flemish cartoonist Herr Seele and his writer Kamagurka created ‘Cowboy Henk,’ think Johnn Bravo meets Homer Simpson, in 1981. Today, Cowboy Henk is a worldwide phenomenon. Make sure to follow cowboyhenkcomic’s absurdist and often violent adventures full of vulgar jokes, dark comedy, and often selfish motivations. Cowboy Henk is the anti-hero we need.

4. Luke McGarry

Cartoonist and illustrator Luke McGarry is the man behind many recent Goldenvoice billboards and has provided his inimitable artwork to many music festival posters and major publications. His cartoons touch on politics and pop culture, often making topical ‘toons of trending stories. Follow lukeymcgarry to see posts like what would happen if the little yodeling boy turned Soundcloud rapper, Lil Yode or how you need to #staywoke or risk getting killed by Freddy Krueger in your sleep. If you like his stuff, you may also be interested in his indie band, Pop Noir, where he performs with his twin brother, Joe McGarry.

5. Will McPhail

You might have seen Will McPhail’s cartoons in New Yorker magazine. His drawings are not overtly political, but instead, take on a more observational approach. His Instagram profile, willmcphail4, often incorporates animals into comic. He did study Zoology at Glasgow University, after all. One comic shows two fish escaping a fish bowl. One of them attempts to drag the novelty treasure chest, while the other annoyed fish yells, “Leave it!” Another comic shows a full-grown “joey” inside his kangaroo mother’s pouch as he pleads, “just until I get back on my feet.” 

6. Martin Skauen

Norwegian artist, Martin Skauen, is inspired by the darkest corners of the world. His surreal and absurd artwork brings to life human’s worst impulses and feelings about war, religion, sex, aliens, and philosophy. One comic show a couple of alien friends while one says, “No John! No more junk food!” and another alien sells “human brain kebab $4” on the street. Follow Skauen at martymixx on Instagram to ponder the meaning of life.

You don’t need to be high to enjoy these cartoons, but cannabis does add a psychedelic element to your viewing experience. Pack a bowl, take a hit of your vape, or drop a few tincture drops under your tongue to relax and have a quiet night in of laughing and enjoying cartoons that speak truth to power.

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