As a father of a 6-year old, you quickly realize that getting faded in public settings can sometimes be a challenge. When we go to kids parties or a soccer match I can’t just break out the dab rig or the bubbler, so I’ve learned to love vape cartridges for their stealth capabilities and ease of use. In the past, the vape cartridges never really lived up to the type of stone you could get with dabs but over the past couple years that has definitely changed. Today’s cartridges come with ceramic coils and higher quality oils vs. the early days and occasionally I’ll even come across one that is better than most of the waxes I have. In the end, you really need to do your research and try to find the best extract producers out there. Over the last few months, I have found a company that is doing amazing work in the cartridge market in Buddies Brand out of Oregon. On my recent trip to the dispensary, I picked up a new one gram cartridge of theirs in the Dogwalker for $30USD. Now the Dogwalker is an Indica dominant hybrid that crosses Albert Walker OG with Chemdawg 91 so I was extremely excited to give this one a whirl.

Now at first glance, the Dogwalker distillate was virtually clear with a light golden tint. The package claimed it had a THC level of 91% and after my first puff from the pen, I believed it. Now, I don’t take little puffs. I prefer a major rip that usually takes about 10 seconds of slowly inhaling on the pen at low heat in order to get a heavy cloud of vapor that can make me choke. I hold it in for a good couple of seconds and exhale just like I would a dab. I find this the only way to get virtually the same high as a dab. After I exhaled the first hit, I was instantly ripped. No doubt about it, this cartridge is a one hitter quitter. I was instantly heavy-eyed and found myself trying to catch my breath as my forehead began sweating profusely. This was some smooth vapor that left me feeling the stone from my head to my toes. As for the flavor, I was stunned as this cartridge had some major terpene appeal as the pungency was heavy and fragrant. My mouth was filled with a diesel kush flavor that reminded me of some of the best dabs I’ve had this year. My palate was coated in thick flavors of lemon and gas and I was totally blown away by the overall quality of this oil. Now, Buddies uses a proprietary cannabis-derived terpene blend and you can tell as the flavor is nothing but straight weed. No tasting any harsh, fake, and obnoxious flavors, just natural cannabis terpenes from the actual Dogwalker plant. I decided to take a second hit a few minutes later and let me tell you, I was legitimately baked. I spent the next hour watching some Nat Geo and stuffing my face with carbs so this one is definitely for the folks looking for relaxation along with assistance with pain and hunger issues.

In closing, the Dogwalker distillate cartridge was such a special treat when it comes to vaping. In terms of its flavor and pungency, I found this to be one of the tastiest cartridges I have ever sampled as the diesel, skunk, and citrus notes were so delicious it reminded me of a live resin dab. When it came to her strength and potency, the Dogwalker had a heavy, narcotic stone that only lasted for maybe an hour or so but was reminiscent of the strength of the top tier dabs I’m used to taking. Luckily, all it took was another hit and I was good for another hour so it was definitely worth the $30 price point. Look out for Buddies cartridges in a shop near you as they are without question the real deal.

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