As I travel this beautiful country of ours a little more, I love to sample the cannabis goods available in a state I’ve never been, where it’s legal and available. On my long weekend trip to Seattle, I had the pleasure of visiting the city’s iconic dispensary, Uncle Ike’s. While there, I chatted with the LA-export budtender about topicals.

Sore neck muscles from the plane ride, and life in general, made a local topical seem like the right choice for a souvenir. Not to mention the fact that a cannabis topical, in the small sizes they are usually available, is a non-concern to airport security. I told the budtender it was important to me that I get a locally produced topical, because any that are able to be shipped on the west coast were probably already available to me. I realized however, that at this point in the prohibition process, cannabis doesn’t easily cross state lines. The budtender did confirm that all the products were local to Seattle, and had to be made in Washington. His recommendation was Heylotion.

Heylotion is a topical from the brand Heylo, a cannabis manufacturer of a variety of goods like flower, vape cartridges, and of course, lotions. As soon as I saw took a look at the bottle, I knew this would be good stuff- I’m a sucker for a short ingredient list and there are only the processing on this topical feels limited. I appreciate that cannabis itself is the most important of any topical and what makes them work so well, that’s why I’m such a believer in topicals and their therapeutic properties. So many lotions contain materials and excess chemicals when organic, naturally occurring ingredients are so much better for you! I like to experiment with different cannabinoid strength, but always seek out the most calming base for my skin. I live with chronic, mild plaque psoriasis, which basically means my shins, knees, elbows, ears, and basically any joint, has breakouts of itchy, patchy, dry skin. It’s a genetic condition triggered by environment, usually stress, and has been one of the reasons I believe cannabis is important to managing my stress. I prefer to treat it as organically as possible, and Heylotion so far is checking all the boxes on my topicals-treatment list.

It contains a high volume of balanced THC and CBD in 150mg of cannabinoids, and is first and foremost described in its purpose of soothing muscular aches and cramps, which it absolutely does. I rubbed some on my abdomen when I felt menstrual cramps coming on, and almost immediately felt the soothing heat radiating down to my muscles for strong pain relief. Better than smoking flower itself. I love the smell of the lotion, being a big sweets lover, I love the tones of cocoa and lavender, with the little kick of peppermint. Its thickness feels amazing on my psoriasis. A small dab also goes a very long way, good news for both of my sore shoulders and hamstrings after an intense workout. It’s a good thing this small amount is encouraged and works, because the texture is slightly sticky on my already-smooth skin, so make sure to have a place on your bod to really rub those fingertips in. That shouldn’t be hard though, because literally no application of this delightful balm would feel wasted. It would still be best used for real pain, because honey, this Heylotion will do the trick.

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