I’ve been on a dab kick recently but I’m back once again with another flower review for my fellow nug-heads. This time it’s a brand new strain I was gifted by my master grower buddy, “Dr.D,” named Hitgirl. Hitgirl has some notoriety behind her as she was bred by renowned grower Jinxproof out of Seattle, WA, who is known for creating the famed 9lb Hammer strain which has won multiple awards across the Country. The Hitgirl is an Indica-Dominant Hybrid that crosses Jinxproof’s 9lb Hammer with Bloodwreck, both of which I consider super heady strains. This is the first time I’d ever heard of this cross that has such deep lineage, so I was beyond thrilled to get a chance to sample her.

At first glance, the Hitgirl has some gorgeous bag appeal as she’s so coated in trichomes that the buds appear almost furry. The nugs were all manicured perfectly with beautiful fat calyxes and almost no trim. Once the bag was opened I was struck in the face with notes of pine, diesel with slight hints of berries. I decided to roll this up and once broken apart you could smell much more of the pine and lemons. These buds weren’t extremely dense but were the ideal stickiness as they snapped easily while also sticking to my fingers. Once rolled, I tasted the joint before lighting it and instantly tasted a delicious mix of diesel, pine and a hint of berry. After lighting her up, I took a healthy first toke, held it in for a few seconds and was instantly met with a nice stone around my forehead and eyes. After another solid hit, I was feeling it nicely. I wouldn’t say it was the strongest strain but the high was a chill, relaxing stone that allowed me to read a few chapters of my new surfing biography and still feel medicated. I would definitely say the Hitgirl gave me a euphoric high that had me laughing and smiling all night. I would absolutely recommend the Hitgirl for folks looking for anxiety as well as pain relief as it completely relieved my backache I’d been dealing with.

All in all, the Hitgirl was a nice new strain that I thoroughly enjoyed but I wouldn’t call it a cup winner like the 9lb Hammer. While I prefer strains that are a little more narcotic, she was still able to keep me ripped and give me pain relief as well as provide me with some very uplifting energy. In terms of strength and potency, I thought she was a perfect strain for a daytime smoke at the park or the beach so I gave it an 8.7/10. As for taste and pungency, she was truly delicious and her heavy pine and berry terpenes left a wonderful earthy bouquet on my tongue, so I gave the Hitgirl a score of 9.4/10. Overall a very good strain that I’ll definitely try again.

Hitgirl nugs

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