Out of Sonoma County comes Elyon Cannabis Farms, a company dedicated to bringing high quality potent and pure cannabis to consumers throughout sunny California. Glue is a potent, unassuming strain that hits all major points for indica lovers. The Glue strain will leave you stuck to the couch like Glue.


The Glue strain features conically shaped medium to large sized nugs. The nugs are sticky and not very dense with a fairly easy ability to break them up with the fingers. The leaves are fluffy and soft but still maintain some integrity and structure when broken up. A light layer of crystal white kief covers the bud, lending it a dewy glow. The nugs are light, pale green with a mixture of burnt orange pistils. The scent of the Glue strain isn’t super dank but is apparent upon opening the jar. Elyon packages their strains in a heavy duty black jar that conceals scent very well. The packaging is almost as attractive as the contents inside, making Elyon Cannabis’ attention to detail a plus for consumers interested in collecting their containers.

The first time I tried the Glue strain was in a blunt. I didn’t feel as if I had over medicated and found the dosage to be spot on for my tolerance level. The smoke was very palatable and pleasant. There wasn’t a harshness to it but this bud is too dank not to cough a few times. Be prepared to face a major case of the munchies when you’re done with the Glue strain. They come on pretty fast so it’s recommended to have snacks on hand. Overall the Glue strain is a creeper. It’s heavy hitting in the best way. It’ll leave you giggly, euphoric, and couchlocked while still remaining sociable and relatively functional. My friend described the high as a “wavy, mellow body high.” The high of ELYON’s Glue strain developed into a creative but very indica-centric in its quality and characteristics. Glue is an unassuming indica strain that hits all major points for indica lovers. It’s a must try for any cannabis enthusiast.


The prepackaged eighth was only $30 from delivery service Kushagram found on Weedmaps. According to Elyon Cannabis, their product is hand-grown in enriched soil, fed with organic (OMRI Certified) nutrients, and harvested at the peak of freshness before being slow cured. “These pristine conditions combined with decades of cultivation experience help us grow some of the most flavorful and potent cannabis in California,” their website states. Glue is no exception to this rule. My batch of the Glue strain tested at 23.47% THC with a CBD level of .04%. The THC level is super high and right up there with some of the best indica dominant strains. What else is to be expected of such a pristine strain from a well-meaning, dedicated company like Elyon Cannabis.

The Glue strain is perfect for a nighttime sesh or to wind down after a long day. Try it and let us know how you enjoy it down in the comments below!

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