The Holy Grail strain by Elyon Cannabis is a calming indica dominant strain with a high THC content. The Holy Grail strain produces a long lasting high that is both cerebral and physical. The combination of the pleasant aroma and heavy hitting effects makes Holy Grail a winner in our books. With colorful hues and light citrus scents, Holy Grail by Elyon Cannabis is sure to captivate your senses.


This strain is yet another top quality bud from Elyon Cannabis. Elyon Cannabis is a company from Sonoma County dedicated to making pure, potent cannabis accessible to consumers throughout sunny California. My batch of Holy Grail tested at 17.53% THC, which is fairly impressive for an outdoor grown indica dominant strain. Aside from their elegant, recyclable packaging, Elyon Cannabis produces amazing quality cannabis with no hidden mysteries. They list things like package date, batch ID, farm ID, CBD content and more right on the package so consumers are always aware of exactly what they’re getting and where it’s coming from. The prepackaged eighth was only $30 from delivery service Kushagram found on Weedmaps. I consider this a fair deal for impeccable quality and great attention to detail. Elyon Cannabis also lists awesome strains like Clementine, Forbidden Fruit, Blackberry Soda, Lemon Sugar Kush and Creme Brûlée on their site. Their large selection assures that consumers have a variety of options to suit their needs.


The Holy Grail strain by Elyon Cannabis features deep green nugs with orange pistils. The trichomes have a bit of an amber tinge to them. The nugs aren’t very frosty but are slightly sticky with a light density. The bud is easy to break up with the hands, making a grinder unnecessary. The aroma is full of citrus undertones with a main scent of fuel overlaying the whole affair.


Holy Grail was tagged as a nighttime strain, however my first experience with the strain was during the day. Full disclaimer: they were correct to label this as a nighttime strain. Holy Grail hits hard and makes you unable to do anything but go with the flow and take a nap when it tells you. The Holy Grail strain causes consumers to feel sleepy, creative, giggly, euphoric, calm, and positive. Holy Grail makes consumers intensely introspective and contemplative. The couch lock is serious with this one and even veteran smokers may find themselves unable to function after a fat blunt of this indica strain. The effects last about 4 hours from beginning to peak and after the come down.

Holy Grail is a versatile and potent strain that should be on everyone’s watch list. Elyon Cannabis has done it again with this lovely nighttime strain. Aside from top notch reusable packaging, you’re getting quality weed. A nice smoke sesh with Holy Grail is just what you need to knock you into a deep, restful sleep. Let us know how you like it in the comments below! For more rare and exotic strain reviews, check out!

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