I’ve been trying more CBD products recently, in hopes of embracing the new thing and so far I haven’t exactly been blown away. People tell me it’s more of a body high or I’ve heard, “It just does something else.” Either way, I’m trying my best to enter this new world of cannabinoids not named THC and recently I found a product that I absolutely enjoyed in some Pie Face Live Resin from MJ Botanicals. Now at a price of just $18USD a gram, I could not pass up the chance to try this product. Looking at the label this Live Resin extract had a 56.5% THC level and a 19.7% CBD Level so it looked good based off the number. I’ve been looking for more pain relief with CBD’s so I figured I’d give this a whirl.

At first glance, the live resin appeared a little dark but in the light was clear and glorious. Little bubbles of terpy goodness caught the light and it was straight bling city. Once I opened the jar I could smell diesel and sweet vanilla with a slight cherry back but it was very mild. I decided to take a dab in my Mobius matrix bubbler and once I dipped my nail into the goo it was extremely runny. It barely held onto the glass nail but once it hit the quartz banger it was off to the races. Now the first flavor I got was a mild cherry and gas flavor that wasn’t my favorite but was decent on the palate. I didn’t get any deep terp flavors but again this was more of a CBD product so I wasn’t expecting any major flavor. Upon inhaling, I was surprised by how smooth and mellow the dab was. It made me choke but was not harsh by any means. As I exhaled I could feel a good fade taking place in my head as my eyes became very heavy. This was a nice heady stone that had me sitting down for a minute to catch my breath. Now I wasn’t destroyed or super baked but I was definitely stoned. I decided to take one more hit and could taste the gas and cherry more and it was mellow and sweet and after the second rip, I was good to go. I felt a nice strong stone along with an overall high that I felt throughout my entire body. I would have to say this was the first time I felt “something different” and I would explain it as super mellow and chill. I didn’t want to take a nap but I also didn’t want to answer the phone if you catch my drift.

In the end, I was somewhat pleased by the experience of this Pie Face Live Resin. In terms of flavor and pungency, it was very mellow and didn’t provide the amount of flavor I was hoping for so I gave it a 7.5/10 in terms of taste. As for potency and strength, I enjoyed the high but it could have been stronger. Two good dabs had me faded for at least 2 hours and gave me a very acceptable mind and body high. In terms of pain relief, this was wonderful so I decided to give it an 8.5/10 in terms of total potency as it didn’t get me as stoned as I like, as I have terrible tolerance but it did relieve my pain. I imagine for folks with lesser tolerance that are looking for strong pain relief, they might find this to be the perfect strain.

pie face live resin

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