Recently, I was looking for something new in the strain department at my local dispensary. I’ve been getting tired of all the cookies phenotypes so I decided to try something new in the Kosher Tangie. The Kosher Tangie is a hybrid cross between Kosher Kush and Tangie and seeing as how I love both of those strains, it sounded like a match made in heaven. I ended up spending $30USD for the eighth which wasn’t bad at all and at first glance, this strain has some serious bag appeal. The nugs were nice sized and coated in a thick layer of beautiful trichomes. You could tell the grower took their time as each bud was manicured to perfection with almost no trim to be seen. The nugs themselves were on the darker side and had beautiful bright orange hairs with light purple throughout.

Once the jar was open, I was hit with a very dank diesel funk along with a nice hint of citrus and berries. The smell was pungent and reminded me of OG Kush with a nice tangerine back. As I started grinding her up, I was able to smell a lot more of her citrus notes and as for stickiness, I could probably through this at the ceiling and it would stay put. But I won’t as that would be disrespectful to this beautiful flower. Once I rolled it up I took a dry hit and it tasted so delicious. Kushy goodness mixed with tangerines, I could tell this was going to be a tasty treat. After she was lit you could smell her gassy tone throughout the room and upon my first inhale I was hit in the face with so a delicious bouquet of citrus and kush. One hit in and I was feeling it. Nice and heady this was a potent smoke that left me wanting more. I took a second hit and BAM, I was hit nice and deep in the chest with a hit that expanded my lungs and left me high. Talk about feeling good, this strain had me smiling from ear to ear as my pain and anxiety disappeared into the abyss. Let me tell you, this Kosher Tangie has it all. From taste to stone she was a wonderful bit of love that got me super baked without the couch-lock. I was stoned for a good couple hours after half a joint and couldn’t have been more pleased with the experience.

In the end, the Kosher Tangie was truly a treat. When it came to her taste and potency I found her to be delicious and unique. Her Kush and Citrus flavors came together to create a wonderful taste so I gave it a 9.4./10 in terms of pungency. As for her strength and potency, I loved the Kosher Tangie’s ability to keep me faded without being too tired. I was able to stay awake and play some MLB 2019 on the PS4 so all in all an extremely solid high so I gave it a 9.5/10. In closing, this was one of my favorite strains of the year so far and I will be keeping it in my headstash for the near future.

Kosher Tangie Nug

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