With the extreme busy season reaching its peak, I’ve been hitting my cannabis oil vapes pretty hard- they’re convenient and discreet. Perhaps not the most efficient for getting as high as you might want, but on my last vacation, I tried a strain in a vape oil with which I absolutely fell in love. I’ve come to realize that the way I most enjoy using cannabis is recreationally, and to have a good laugh with my friends. Most of my most treasured trips or drug experiences are so precious to me because of the wicked fun I had with my friends… and if you feel the same way, wow, do I have a cannabis strain for you!

The Pineapple Chunk cartridge I picked up on my Memorial Day weekend visit to Seattle was one of the least disappointing cannabis purchases I’ve made in recent memory. It’s sometimes a struggle to determine what the specific qualities of a strain are… experiencing a sensation and describing that are entirely different things. That’s why when I come across a strain so obvious in how it affects me, I make sure to note it.

Pineapple Chunk is going to be my new go-to for all events social, all situations that need an energetic mood boost, and definitely if I’m trying to have a fun night with any of my friends who also partake. The sweet, skunky hybrid has a large concentration of THC, which is actually how I came to settle on it when I asked the budtender to show me his favorite hybrid vape cartridges.I figured that more THC would be a better value high, especially since I’ve been exclusively vaping my weed recently. When visiting with family, Pineapple Chunk put me in a pleasant mood, ready to engage in any activity, even if it wasn’t my first choice. When hitting it with my gentleman friend laying in bed, binging The Office, the old comforting jokes gained new life.

If you’re looking for a resistant, hearty strain to grow, apparently Pineapple Chunk molds or falls prey to disease much less than its sisters or parents. For a longtime smoker, first time grower, I would imagine that would make Pineapple Chunk an ideal flower to grow at home for personal consumption.

Perhaps it says something about my tolerance levels that it takes a strain with 66% THC strength to give me the genuine giggles. For a less seasoned smoker, I wouldn’t tell them to avoid Pineapple Chunk, but that euphoria may be attainable at just one hit. Physical pain became all but noticeable, and I was too busy smiling to worry about any real stressors. Even though I was able to smoke it and fall asleep pretty quickly, I do admit the mental activity under the influence of Pineapple Chunk is not necessarily what I would call quiet. At a concert, comedic movie, or evening out on the town? A vape stocked with Pineapple Chunk in your purse or back pocket… is a perfect cherry on top of a good time.

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