Green Ribbon is a wonderfully balanced hybrid strain that provides consumers with an energetic, cerebral high. Green Ribbon tends to have an average THC level of around 18-20%. The Green Ribbon strain originates out of San Jose, California but entices users all around with its sweet, aromatic pine scented buds. The genetics indicate Green Crack, Trainwreck, and some kind of Afghani parent. Regardless of its precise origins, however, this strain is well known for its distinctive flavor that is extremely reminiscent of the mighty and grandiose redwood and pine forests of northern California. This strain is somewhat elusive but most common on the West Coast.

green ribbon

Green Ribbon has an aroma that is hard to miss. The flavor profile is sweet and sour, musky, and fruity. You may detect pine trees and some grape and spice in the background. The buds are medium-sized and dense with plenty of trichomes that almost make the nugs look white. The smoke is smooth and won’t make you cough too much regardless of whether you use glass, papers, or blunts.

green ribbon

While Green Ribbon is a balanced hybrid, 50 percent Sativa and 50 percent Indica, the main effects are on the sativa side with the indica effects taking hold later on into the high. The herb delivers a rush to the head at first that may feel like euphoria, happiness, creativity, and/or sociability. It might induce couch-lock coupled with an uplifting high. The effects are undoubtedly powerful. This is one of those strains that hits everyone differently depending on who they are and what their tolerance level is; for some people, they will find themselves hit with a powerful drive to complete tasks and overall demonstrate unwavering focus. For others, however, they will prefer to talk to as many new friends as possible, never ceasing to speak or laugh as much as possible.


You can expect the Indica effects to begin to take hold towards the end of the high, with a small quality of couch locking; for those that don’t enjoy this sensation, fear not, because this also comes with an accompanying body high that leaves you feeling mellowed and overall soothed. This means that this strain is perfect for afternoon use, especially if you are feeling like exploring some kind of creative project. The creativity flows nonstop when using the Green Ribbon strain. Creative types will enjoy this strain to take along to a studio session or to enjoy while painting their latest masterpiece. Feelings of anxiety and inhibition melt away with the smoke of this awesome strain. Medical uses for this strain include headaches, stress, depression, ADHD, PTSD, lack of appetite, pain and chronic fatigue.

As a native Californian strain, it makes sense that Green Ribbon is predominantly an outdoors strain. This is because it was designed to be grown outdoors in the hot California sun, flourishing from the consistently warm climate. Green Ribbon is a California staple that’s a must try for any cannabis lover in the LA area and beyond. Let us know how you like it in the comments below!

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