Big Wreck is another one of those illustrious cannabis strains that is a must try for any cannabis enthusiast, new or old. Big Wreck is an indica dominant hybrid that results from a cross between Big Bud and Trainwreck. This strain boasts awesome effects as well as great benefits for a variety of medical conditions. One of the only mainly noted effects of the Big Wreck strain is dry mouth, which is virtually unavoidable with marijuana, depending on how its being consumed. This hybrid strain offers a pleasant earthy, pungent, and flowery aroma. Big Wreck is a popular hybrid strain in Oregon but if you’re in LA, its impossible not to come across this strain. The Big Wreck strain is not to be slept on.

big wreck strain

This strain is a cross between high-yielding indica Big Bud and intense sativa strain Trainwreck. These two come together to give Big Wreck a memorable aroma and a balanced, easygoing high. Big Wreck is an indica dominant hybrid strain with a ratio of 70/30 indica to sativa. A high volume of trichomes gives this strain an eye-catching appeal and accounts for its reported sky-high THC levels. Cannabis testing lab Analytical 360 has measured Big Wreck’s THC content at between 17% and 20% with the highest testing of nearly 27%.

big wreck

Parent strain Big Bud is named for its unusually large flowers and coincidentally, Big Wreck also impresses on this front. The buds are medium to large with a dense, heavy bud structure. The tightly-coiled leaves appear light green — although this effect may in fact come from the strain’s high production of cloudy trichomes that coats the nugs generously. The nugs are easy to break up with the fingers although they are quite dense. A grinder is recommended for consumers that like to save their kief. Kief is a great addition to edibles for cannabis consumers who prefer to ingest their medicine this way.

bigwreck strain

Both parent strains have Afghani landrace indica in their lineage and it shows in Big Bud’s bold smell — when cured, the flowers are powerfully skunky and earthy, while breaking these dense nuggets open yields a peppery hint of spice. This strain is not recommended for consumers concerned about discretion with their consumption. This strain is best recommended for use at night to novice users, but veteran smokers can easily medicate throughout the day with this strain because of its palatable flavors and THC content. Big Wreck is said to leave consumers feeling creative, sociable, relaxed, euphoric, sleepy, happy, tingly, and even focused. This hybrid isn’t too overwhelming for usage throughout the day when used in proper dosage.

Big Wreck is commonly used medically to treat anxiety, depression, stress, pain, insomnia, cramps, nausea, and loss of appetite. This strain may also be great for relieving ADD/ADHD, headaches, inflammation, and migraines. The Big Wreck strain can be grown indoors or outdoors with a flowering period of 7-8 weeks. It’s a great strain for growing in a warm, semi-humid climate like in California or Florida. This strain can grow to be almost five feet tall.

Whether you plan to attempt cultivation or are just interested in trying the fruits of the labor, Big Wreck is a well-balanced hybrid strain sure to satisfy.


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