With Summer just on the horizon, I decided to start my annual Pacific Northwest outdoor grow. I decided to go with 4 very exciting strains this year and figured I’d take you along for the ride from start to finish. This will be my first installment with hopefully many more to come over the next few months. I’ll keep you abreast of everything I’m doing in terms of pruning, soil, food, water, and pest eradication. With the way Summer’s have been up here in Portland, Oregon along with my south-facing backyard and rising CO2 levels, I’m expecting another unbelievable harvest.

Now to get started, I make my own Super Soil that I have used and re-used for the past 4 years. I let my super soil flush throughout the 8 months of rain after the Harvest period each season and I’ve had better results and had to feed less every single year thus far. My Super Soil is made up from Coco Coir, Peat Moss, Compost soil, Earthworm Castings, Kelp and beneficial Micro-Organisms such as Mycorrhizae and fungus’ like Bacillus. I also add a ton of perlite and grow-stones so I can feed more often. As for feed, I use Bio-Bizz Organics along with a mix of Compost Teas, Foliar Feeding and Molasses. Simple and Easy but extremely high-quality products. In the end, you get what you pay and work for. I figured for this first post I would introduce you to my four babies I’m growing this season and what I’ve done for them thus far. They are all clones I was gifted from my Master grower friend “Doctor D” as I’m way too lazy to grow from seed.

1. Purple Punch (Indica-Dominant) This cross of Larry Og with Grand Daddy Purple has always been a favorite of mine and after giving her a shot last year and liking the results, I decided to give her a second chance this season. So far she has only been fed straight Refreshe bottled water from Safeway and will get her first actual feed later this week as I transplanted her last weekend and like to wait a full week for the roots to settle before adding any more shock to the system. Now while transplanting I always sprinkle a healthy coating of MYKOS Mycorrhizal Innoculator that helps to give you explosive root growth. As I said, I keep it simple and easy.

purple punch
Purple Punch

2. Kosher Tangie (Sativa-Dominant) This cross of Kosher Kush and Tangie has been on my radar for the past year and I finally got a stable cut so I’m super excited to give this one a whirl as she’s won ton’s of cups and respect recently in the Cannabis World. So far she’s also only had bottled water as I also transplanted her last week with a dusting of MYKOS on her roots.

kosher tangie
Kosher Tangie

3. Tropicana Cookies (Sativa-Dominant) – The Tropicana Cookies became a favorite of mine a few months back and I got a trusted clone of her from “Doctor D” so I’m super pumped for this girl as she’s been nothing but exceptional when I’ve sampled her recently. She is a Sativa-Dominant hybrid of The Girl Scout Cookies (Forum Cut) X Tangie and she’s straight super fire. So far she’s only had bottled water as I also transplanted her last week.

tropicana cookies
Tropicana Cookies

4. Bay’s Breath (Unknown Indica) So the Bay’s Breath was given to me with great word of mouth as she is supposedly an early finishing heavy Indica. I’ve done a ton of research and still cannot find anything out about her, so I’m truly excited to see what the final product will hold. So far she’s only had bottled water as I also transplanted her last week like the others.


bay's breath
Bay’s Breath

I’ll try to update every 2-3 weeks. So until then, happy growing!


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