The Nightmare Cookies strain instantly sounded appealing when it came up in a list of hybrids at one of my favorite delivery services. Tired of getting low-quality weed for low amounts of money I eagerly returned to Kushagram for their honest deals and fire bud. Nightmare Cookies was a hybrid they recommended that I was excited to get my hands on. I got 7g for $40 which isn’t bad at all. Nightmare Cookies is a heavy hitting hybrid strain that exhibits not only a beautiful appearance but real-time effects and remedies. The Nightmare Cookies strain is a cross between White Nightmare and Girl Scout Cookies. Nightmare Cookies leaves consumers feeling euphoric, sleepy, tingly, focused, and relaxed.


Nightmare Cookies is an appealing strain to look at. The nugs are frosty and dense while still maintaining the leaves fluffy texture. The leaves are vibrant green with a mixture of royal purple and orange pistils. The trichomes are a light dusting the color of almond milk. The bud is easy to break up with the hands however a grinder is recommended for enthusiasts that enjoy baking or cooking with marijuana. Nightmare Cookies is a cross between the iconic Girl Scout Cookies and White Nightmare strains. White Nightmare is a sativa dominant hybrid while Girl Scout Cookies is an indica dominant hybrid. Both these strains lend their characteristic looks and qualities to the Nightmare Cookies strain.


The effects of Nightmare Cookies were pretty much according to the exact extent I was expecting. I did feel tingly but in rather odd places like the tip of my tongue and my fingertips. I did feel very relaxed but also very susceptible to being hyped up depending on the company and the music or lack thereof at times. I felt calm, relaxed, and a lot less anxious than normal. I didn’t feel as if my thoughts were racing abnormally or negatively, but more in a creative way. The couchlock associated with the Nightmare Cookies strain is very real. Enjoy this strain toward the end of the day to capitalize on its uplifting and relaxing effects, appetite stimulation, and overall sedation.  Nightmare Cookies comes in with a heavy 23-24% average THC level and full-bodied effects that are better suited for nighttime, even with its sativa dominance. The high comes on with a lifted effect that infuses you with a quick hit of euphoria, launching your mood into pure happiness.
The medical uses for the Nightmare Cookies strain includes stress, depression, headaches, lack of appetite, insomnia, and chronic pain. The versatility of this strain is the main reason I prefer hybrids and indicas. A variety of consumers can find a good use for the Nightmare Cookies strain. Used in a social setting, Nightmare Cookies is great to keep the nervous jitters away while at night the Nightmare Cookies strain is a perfect way to wind down and prepare your body for a luxurious sleep. Pick this up on your next trip to the dispensary. As always, for more rare and exotic strain reviews, check out


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