Royal Highness is an award-winning bud by Royal Queen Seeds that sweeps through the room with a cerebral rush and delivers flavors so brilliant you’ll be craving them between hits. Taking 3rd place in the Best CBD Flower competition at the 2016 Colorado Cannabis Cup, this sativa-dominant hybrid lives up to its cult classic parents, Dance Hall and Respect, in both intensity and effect. The Royal Highness strain is a recent pick up from Kushagram, my usual cannabis delivery service. The name pulled me in because, once again, I like fancy things, and Royal Highness sounds like a weed fit for a queen like myself. At 3.5g for $20, it was almost a steal. This was part of Kushagram’s weekend deals that I love to frequent. Royal Highness was listed as one of their indicas and a great indica is hard for me to pass up, especially when I don’t mind splurging if its some fire.


Curated by Lost Creek Farms in the True Humboldt Sun Growers association, the Royal Highness strain is made to represent world-class cannabis that goes through a rigorous selection process before being packaged in eighths for consumers convenience. Humboldt boasts finer sun grown cannabis and Humboldt never disappoints. According to their site, “Lost Creek Cannabis is a family owned and operated legacy farm situated in the heart of Southern Humboldt County. This magnificent territory is renown worldwide for being the center Cannabis Culture and Sustainable growing practices thanks to the specific weather conditions, altitude and culture concentrated in this region: the Emerald Triangle. Our Cannabis grows 100% pesticide free, under the nurturing care of our family members. We have had years of research, trial and error until we fine-tuned our growing practices around the specific quality and features of this terroir. Our farm practices compare to the highest standards for organic crop cultivation. You can taste the difference, you can teste the quality.”


The THC level of the batch that I purchased tested at 16.48%, which is decent for an indica, but not as high as you’d be accustomed to if you enjoy heavy indicas. This strain still has all the great qualities of an indica without being overwhelming. It’s great for daytime on-the-go use as it won’t disrupt your flow in the plans for your day. Royal Highness by Lost Creek Farms is a smooth, easy smoke with a subtle aftertaste. Royal Highness induces a wonderful sense of calm and euphoria that mixes perfectly with social settings. Royal Highness is the strain you’d have on deck when having high tea with the Duchess of Sussex in between appointments. This strain pairs well with creative activities while inducing appetite and giving consumers a boost of energy. Medicinal users love this bud as it relieves symptoms of anxiety, stress, and depression as well as chronic pain and lack of appetite. Because of its natural balance, this strain is thought to be universal in its medical treatments and highly recommended for novice users.


Medical marijuana consumers in Los Angeles and in other states it is legal can use apps like Weedmaps and Eaze to find local dispensaries and delivery services that carry the Royal Highness strain.

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