Am I the only one who’s been seeing some delicious dessert strains at their local dispensary? If you’ve been in a shop lately, you’ve probably noticed that half of the store is either Cookies, Cakes or Cream strains which in my opinion isn’t such a bad thing. On my recent trip to my dispensary, I came across another decadent dessert strain I could not pass up in the Caramel Apple Gelato bred by Compound Genetics Seedbank out of Portland, Oregon. The Caramel Apple Gelato is an Indica-Dominant hybrid that crosses Apple Cider with Jet Fuel Gelato and the final product is one to behold. I was able to grab this sample up for $30USD an eighth so I was very pleased with the price point.

At first glance, the Caramel Apple Gelato had that look of straight fire with her beautiful lime green color, bright orange hairs and a slight hints of purple. She almost reminded me of how the cookies strain looks with her dense buds coated in a thick layer of trichomes. When I opened the jar I was hit in the face with a diesel odor that had a hint of sweetness that reminded me of apple mixed with bananas. Within a few seconds of opening the jar my buddy remarked on the smell in the house and how pungent it was, so I knew this was going to have some legs. We decided to take some bong rips from my Mobius Stereo Matrix bong and once the nugs were broken up I could smell a lot more of her fruit terpenes which I enjoyed. I loaded up a tiny hit and as soon as I snapped the bowl, I was hit with a strong punch to the lungs as they were fully expanded. The smoke wasn’t harsh, just thick and heavy with terpenes. As I exhaled, my lips and palate could taste the sweet flavor that was almost like a caramel apple with a strong gas finish. I ended up taking a second bong rip and boy was I faded. Now in no way was it a couch lock stone but it was a smiling happy stone that lasted a good solid 2 hours and gave me a solid case of the munchies. Another thing I noticed about the Caramel Apple Gelato was the way it helped me relax, as I suffer from social anxiety disorder and this had me talking up a storm with a couple of strangers I had just met.

Overall, I found the Caramel Apple Gelato to be a great strain on all fronts. When it came to her flavor and pungency she was a winner as her fruit and diesel notes came together to create a great mix of flavors that left me wanting more, so  I gave her a 9.4/10. As for her strength and potency, I loved the stone of the Caramel Apple Gelato and found it to be great for pain relief as well as nervousness so I gave it a 9.3/10. I also need to warn you that she will give you some heavy munchies so be prepared to eat. Happy toking.

caramel apple gelato

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