Often praised as the “Holy Grail” of cannabis, Asian Fantasy is a strain with effects consumers have likened to a mini Burning Man experience. After repeated rumors that this strain suffered extinction due to a secretive breeder, rest assured that while rare, the Asian Fantasy strain does still exist. Its genetics, however, remain a mystery. What’s clear is that this strain has a healthy dose of sativa in it that will get ideas and creativity flowing. It’s also a beauty, with large, curled buds that have a generous covering of brick red hairs. The flowers emit a sweet and sour fragrance while the taste has a healthy dose of spice, citrus, pine, and cheesy herbal notes.

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What has been determined, despite not having any confirmation of parental lineage, is that this strain is a potent sativa with a wide-ranging THC level average between 17% and 24%. Though you could surmise that the name “Asian Fantasy” comes from its mysteriousness, it’s more likely that the large, curly buds enveloped in deep red hairs and its native Asian roots might also have something to do with it. These beautiful nugs are sweet and tart with aromas of spice, tea, apple, lemon and lime.

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The Asian Fantasy strain is said to leave consumers feeling creative, euphoric, happy, energetic, and uplifted. Asian Fantasy leads consumers to feel very relaxed in an almost meditative state that somehow becomes an experience in and of itself within the user’s mind. You’ll feel as if you’re in your own world and feel utterly at peace. Asian Fantasy isn’t just a fever dream of twisting and turning psychedelic effects. It is also utterly relaxing and ideal for the treatment of certain medical conditions. Some of the medical uses for the Asian Fantasy cannabis strain are stress, seizures, depression, pain, migraines and headaches.  Because of the uplifting nature of this strain, you’ll find it good for mood and mental health disorders such as depression, chronic stress, and mild cases of bipolar disorder.

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It isn’t recommended for those who suffer from PTSD or anxiety as the psychoactive effects can agitate those conditions. As it has relatively strong sedative effects for the body, nausea, pain, and muscle spasms can also benefit from this strain. Other uses include chronic fatigue, erectile dysfunction, and low libido. One of the few noted negatives with this strain is dry mouth as well as dry eyes. As with any new strain you’re trying, be sure to start with a lower dosage and work your way up. Novice smokers should take precaution to avoid overdosing on the Asian Fantasy cannabis strain.

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This strain features bold earthy flavors as well as fruity flavors like apple and lime. This strain features bright green nugs and a fresh taste that is sure to lure you in. Despite its mysterious origin story and rumors of extinction, Asian Fantasy is a rare strain that is not only available but attainable. Consumers can check out apps like Weedmaps to find the nearest delivery service or local dispensary in their area.

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