I’ve been finding a ton of candy strains in my neck of the woods these days. Just recently, I sampled some Alien Candy Sugar Wax and this week I had the pleasure of sampling a new Sugar Wax from WA Grower called “The Candy #2.” I chose to go with this strain as the bag appeal on her was amazing. This candy was just one massive 1 gram rock of beautiful extract and looked like most of the live resin I’ve been getting around here recently for double the price. When I opened the jar I was hit with a strong diesel odor along with a tiny bit of sweetness. When it came to the look of the wax, it was golden yellow in color with an almost orange tint. I would explain it as almost fluorescent gold. Price wise, I purchased the gram for $17USD so I was extremely pleased with the cost. As for the consistency of the wax, it was so juicy and appeared full of terpenes as it had little gorgeous bubbles throughout. In regards to the lineage of the strain, I’ve done some research and can’t locate any, “The Candy #2” strains so this one is going to be a little bit of a mystery until I come across some updated information. I was able to find an Auto-Flowering “Candy” from Dane Strains, so it’s possible this is the winner.

I decided to break out my 13″ Rooster Apparatus from Dave Goldstein for this session and boy was it the right choice. After dipping my nail into the container and pulling out a healthy sized dab I could smell the gas before even touching it to my nail and once it made contact, I was in for a massive hit. Upon exhale I could taste straight jet fuel with a hint of lemon and grape. As I held the vapor in I could instantly feel my eyes become heavy as the stone went from my head to my toes. This was some straight fire. As I exhaled and choked I knew I was in for it as I began sweating on the forehead and grabbing for my ice water. This wax was a heavy hitter that expanded my lungs nicely and truly had me ripped after one fat dab. The stone was mind-numbing as well as pain relieving as I suffer from back pain and this had me relaxed and not feeling the normal tightness I deal with. Now, The Candy was a strong high but it did not get me tired or make me couch-locked in any way. I did, however, suffer from some major munchies so I would recommend this strain for folks needing help getting food down.

Overall, I absolutely loved “The Candy #2” and found it to be a keeper. When it came to her taste and pungency this was as good as any live resin I’ve tried recently and had a delicious diesel and lemon flavor that reminded me a lot like OG Kush so I gave her a score of 9.3/10. In regards to her strength and potency, this was a heavy-duty stone that kept me nice and ripped for a solid two hours and had me smiling from ear to ear so I gave her a 9.4/10. I might be hesitant to recommend this strain to folks with low tolerance but if you’re looking to get super stoned, The Candy #2 is definitely a must-have.

The Candy #2


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