“YAS YAS YAASSSS QWEEEEEN!” is one of the many triumphant calls of Ilana, one half of Comedy Central’s prominent 20-something, hilarious, emotive, relatable, cannabis-loving women on the comedy Broad City. It was truly the first show of its kind, appealing to not only viewers of Girls but also Workaholics. I’ve never felt like I related so deeply to a show for so many common reasons. There’s such little content available that deals directly with the feminine cannabis user, even though we’re joining the scene at greater numbers than ever. With the 5th and final season of Broad City now available on Hulu, my favorite stoner show deserves a proper celebration. These are 4 of the most memorable scenes that will always make me laugh.

In season 1’s aptly titled episode Pu$$y Weed, when Abby needed to smoke, and Ilana surprisingly pulled weed out of her underwear. She explained the the “vajiné is nature’s pocket” and a much more natural way to store your flower. Later, Abby finds herself having to pull the same move when getting too paranoid passing cops. I can personally relate to keeping your stash as close on you as possible- not exactly “nature’s pocket” close, but at underwear level. Ilana isn’t wrong in feeling the security of keeping flower near your flower, and I knew what a keeper this show was from then on.

Season 2’s Citizen Ship saw the girls and Ilana’s beau Lincoln join Ilana’s amazing, sweet gay roommate Jaimé’s citizen status. They go on a cruise and get into a host of shenanagins, the most worrisome of which includes getting locked inside the pantry. I feel like any partying cruise goer could easily make this mistake, and that freaks me out. The grace with which our heroines handle it is perfect, dealing with Abbi’s annoying “roommate” Bevers and his shrimp filled pockets. Funny, and realistically terrifying, as the show so frequently treads perfectly.

Season 3’s Mrs. Doubtfire moment in Burning Bridges was an amazing nostalgia for one of Millennials’ favorite movies. Abbi runs back and forth between a dinner with Ilana’s family and a date with her shameful sex buddy, while getting too drunk. However, the real memorable scene is the one at the end where Ilana becomes vulnerable for the first time. The viewer feels for these girls and their friendship- this moment makes that more apparent than some of their weed-fueled, sexy adventures.

In season 4, Abbi and Ilana go on an animated journey through New York on magic mushrooms. It’s such a fun, artistic endeavor done in such a classic, cliché-fun method. The comic strip style faces, and melty, drippy, rainbow aesthetic is the best way to properly convey the experience of shrooming, and makes this an iconic episode.

I’ve actually been delaying watching season 5 because I want to prolong the time I get to anticipate adventures for the girls I have yet to enjoy. I suppose I have to say goodbye and thank you to what feels like my best friends eventually.

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