While I was looking at indica strains in my weed shop, I thought the spritely, bright green bud looked like it would have a light, springy scent to match. The bud-tender opened it for me, and Critical Kush almost knocked me over from scent alone. This is a skunky, serious flower that actually tastes sweeter than it smells. It’s as close to iconic weed as I think you could get, a strain I feel like my dad’s more hippie and daring friends back in the day might have thought as “good stuff, man,” and it still is.

Bred from Critical Mass and OG Kush, Critical Kush is powerful and therapeutic, providing a deep euphoria in careful doses. In strong doses, Critical Kush can be sedating and conducive to sleep. For, me Critical Kush was hard to dose properly to feel the light euphoria, without feeling ready to take a nap.

It did feel like smoking for the first time, with its smell being so noticeable, and impacting the actually quieter flavor. The taste itself upon hitting was more floral, with hints of citrus and a peppery kick. Its flower is thick and sticky, making it ideal for blunts, but not if you’re trying to be at all secretive.

If anything, I smoked a little too much of this strain a little too early in the evening to get everything finished I that I wanted to do. I was so relaxed and ready for sleep whether I wanted to be or not, that it hit me like a wave regardless and I was out. I believe I woke up on the couch before 3am to haul my ass to my real bed. I don’t always like being caught off guard by a strong smoke like this, but if I had been totally prepared for how critically kushed I would become, it would have been great.

It’s terrible practice to smoke in bed… but ideally, if I had been wearing my comfiest, coziest PJs, my softest blanket, been in bed, a show playing quietly on my phone beside me… I would have been the happiest. Instead, after enjoying a long smoke with my friend and getting home, I ate snacks and drifted into that sweet, heavy sleep on my less than amazing couch.

I can see why this is still popular for more active scenarios in lower doses than my major experience, however. Its CBD content makes it popular with patients of PTSD, anxiety, and depression, amongst other mental instabilities. There’s hardly ever a reported feeling of paranoia from using Critical Kush, so it’s an excellent starter strain and casual smoke (again, small quantities). It’s a quality pain relief, and works in tandem with its sleep catalyzing benefits- if you were struggling with an injury, headache, or menstrual aches, you’ll still get a good night’s sleep with Critical Kush.

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