In my never ending search for strains that stimulate the taste buds and will get me to bed smoothly led me to Grape Ape. Being easily recommended by lots of connoisseur friends will ensure you can find this indica in most places. It’s popular medicinally, but not unworthy as a recreational high… if your recreation is primarily relaxation and not much else. That said, the absolute mental calm is itself an important medicinal benefit. That could be the right combination of sedation and fruit flavor for you, which I definitely enjoyed.

I find the bodily heaviness with which this strain hit me would make it good for a cooldown yoga session after a particularly strenuous or lengthy workout. It’s amazing pain reduction for sore muscles and hurting bodies working with yoga is a dream come true. However, I would take my hits in incremental doses, as to not lose control of my body and flop to the floor for a nap. If you had access to a private sauna, or were able to have a smoke after the workout, but before a sauna or hot tubbing, this strain would be even better suited for your post-workout unwinding. Grape Ape comes at you like a big, fuzzy, purple beast that cuddles you into submission.

Perhaps I should make clear that Grape Ape was more successfully enjoyed by me as a spa supplement. Hitting Grape Ape in a large, fresh hit after coming home from a long weekend trip, where the showers are nice, but you only have your travel toiletries, and you can only hit your running-low vape pen… it’s the ultimate relaxer. I was able to wear a face mask and lay down for at least 30 minutes and nearly fall asleep with a few hits of the indica, which you’ll know is nearly impossible in a face mask. Or maybe it’s not for you, and you’ve already mastered the art of self care, but for me, self care is prone to include cannabis.

The potent and thorough high is gradual and works through the body, making it a top choice for pain relief. The strong grapey, fruity, sweet flavor also makes it that much easier to smoke, so users should beware that the more hits they go for, the stronger a gravitational pull the earth will have on each extremity, until you belong to the napzone.

I can see why Grape Ape is popular for those suffering from chronic pain, like fibromyalgia, but for the more casual smoker, Grape Ape is probably best reserved as a sleep aid. This isn’t the joint to break out at parties, unless it’s an after hours smoke. This is the one last hit just before you crawl into bed. I will say that being an excellent painkiller is akin to taking the pre-emptive ibuprofen after a night of hard partying. I love Grape Ape as a recovery and rest strain, which for me, is an absolute necessity if you’ve been drinking or consuming any other drugs- you have to get the best sleep you can, and a sweet, powerful indica will be your best friend.

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