“B-a-n-a-n-a-s,” was almost all I could think to myself when I asked the bud-tender to show me what cannabis vape cartridges were below $40. I told her I was looking for a decent hybrid, to keep with my theory that when you don’t know exactly when or why you’ll need a hit, the best of both worlds is the most reasonable route. When I travel, I like to keep things easy on myself by way of cannabis. In preparation for my long weekend, I sprung for a vape cartridge of Banana Kush by Pure Organics.

Even though I vaped through the half gram pretty quickly over the course of 4 days, I the peace of mind and quality high was worth the somewhat steep expense of the cartridge. I paid $36 for that half gram of oil, which is over my usual budget. If I travel with flower, I try to keep it in small amounts, roll it into joints disguised in a cigarette-similar packaging, and have only ever taken it from southern to northern California and back. So, I mostly rely on edibles and vape cartridges for long trips and easy going through security. I have yet to be stopped at security for anything marijuana related, but to keep my record that way, I don’t plan on tempting the TSA with flower again. This past Memorial Day, for the long weekend, I was Seattle bound and knew I would need an accessible, fast way to fully enjoy my vacation. Even heading to a recreationally legal state, I don’t like vacationing unprepared. Yes, I do feel strongly that everything, visits with loving relatives to new cities included, is improved by cannabis.

Banana Kush proved to be the right choice of my limited options. I will add that I’m usually disappointed with the small selection each shop I regularly visit carries for vape cartridges. Of the hybrids available, Pure Organic’s Banana Kush oil has a fairly high THC percentage at over 66%, so I felt like I would be able to take fewer hits and still reach a strongly dosed high.

Even discussing drug trips of days past, my aunt and her friend didn’t need to be bombarded with me hitting my vape pen so frequently, so I figured a stronger oil would give me more bang for fewer hits.

I was able to vape Banana Kush throughout our 10 mile hike through the forest outside eastern Seattle and feel a decent pain release in my sore muscles and elation in nature. About 14 hours later, I increased the amount of times I was hitting the vape to reach a relaxed mental state and general restfulness. It was tasty and not too powerful smelling, ideal for vaping with discretion in public.

The high was mellow in all senses, and perfect for traveling and visiting with others, which we all know can sometimes be difficult. Feeling more indica-sensitive in greater doses allowed me to get the right body high to settle down for an optimal sleep. Hitting the vape throughout the day just a few times at opportune moments kept my mood up. I was quite pleased with making Banana Kush my travel companion, and I would recommend it as a quality versatile strain, ideal for vaping.

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