As with many cycles of Spring into Summer, all of us are experiencing different kinds of busy. Here’s what Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces should look out for, and light up with to deal this June!

Libra’s (Sep 23-Oct 22) monthly themes for June include… New plans or at least open possibilities for growth. Professional stress may mount, be aware. It’s okay to feel frustrated and even loved ones may shake your confidence more than they intend. You’ll have to support your ideas and goals with research… weigh the options that come up in full confidence. You’re allowed to choose your own priorities and milestones to achieve! Be easy on yourself, don’t enter cycle of self hate.

Cannabis to try: Strains you should be looking at will allow you to work and creatively problem solve, while cushioning the body with a soft, relaxing high. Blue Dream is a stable choice and will be welcome in your bowl.

Scorpio’s (Oct 23-Nov 21) monthly themes for June include… Deciding what deserve your attention. Take time to process these many items on your to-do list. Trust, sexual intimacy could easily arise, but other partnerships too. There are possible investing opportunities- get those finances in order, reorganize so you can earn! Express yourself artistically if you feel so inclined. This month is a good exercise in balancing security and excitement, but the time for risk taking is right.

Cannabis to try: This month, you should be considering strains that draw focus and attention to singular issues, while also being the right hit to take for energetic adventures- I recommend the classic Green Crack.

Sagittarius’ (Nov 22-Dec 21) monthly themes for June include… Relationships, intimacy, and relaxation made possible by the support of others. Feeling a lack of such might draw up hurt feelings, or a fiery reaction from you- don’t get goaded into work drama, you’ll need to concentrate. Use strategy, long term thought before committing to anything major. Make time for the financial and security planning nagging at you. You can expect to receive a potentially important gift. You’ve been doing a lot for your family, but don’t ignore your own needs. Nostalgic feelings that come up should be channeled into lessons for this month.

Cannabis to try: Strains for thorough rest and happiness, so you can chill out in the right mood. Stifle the loud ambient thoughts in your head with Bubblegum Kush!

Capricorn’s (Dec 22-Jan 19) monthly themes for June include… Business, productivity, and organization. Your health has been taking a backseat and needs to be given attention, physically, mentally. Ask for assistance or support! For your newly sparked partnerships, depth takes time. Express your feelings, be vulnerable at times… it doesn’t have to be negative! You’ve been rushing and sacrificing self, slow down. Examine the toxicity present in your life, and cut it out. Heal.

Cannabis to try: You’ll want strains for directly addressing stress and anxiety, with strong medicinal properties to get you healed and feeling well. XJ13 is extremely popular for its therapeutic properties stimulating cerebrality, worth trying this summer.

Aquarius’ (Jan 20-Feb 18) monthly themes for June include… Joy, fun, and simultaneous productivity. You’re seeing a lot, going to many places. Even amidst action, take time to let your shield down and let others in. While having fun fostering these connections though, there’s lots of work to stay on top of. Use discipline to structure work around your fun summer.  If you’re thinking of acting charitably, go in on it! If you become angry this month, be aware of consequences. Friends should not cause more pain than joy, so talk out the problems. Independence could be clashing with stability, you’ll have to delve into both at once.

Cannabis to try: Strains that are social lubricants and could aid in conflict resolution, internal or external, will be your best bet. Thankfully, strains that ease relationship connections are also great fun and enjoyable for cool events, like Super Lemon Haze.

Pisces (Feb 19-Mar 20) monthly themes for June include… Seeking freedom but needing to wait. Patience is necessary! Fun is on its way, but you may be feeling restless. Try a decor change to avoid these feelings of stagnation. It’s fun and inspiring to you to try new aesthetics! If you feel a fight brewing, you don’t need to take it sitting down, but do take high road. Changes at work are very possible. Express confidence in yourself, and you’ll handle harder moments with enough grace.

Cannabis to try: While you’re waiting so patiently for the next good thing to come up, you’ll need something to pick you up out of the slumps. For your restlessness, Lavender will fill you with pleasantness and put your pains to rest.

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