As with many cycles of Spring into Summer, all of us are experiencing different kinds of busy. Here’s what Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, and Virgo should look out for, and light up with to deal this June!

Aries’ (Mar 21-Apr 19) monthly themes for June include… Keeping your eye peeled for local events to attend and nearby scenes to explore. Personal and professional networking are important. Collaborations should be thought of for your next project. Don’t forge deep connections hastily, ask the right questions first! Do some decluttering of your mental and physical home spaces.

Cannabis to try: Strains for socializing to catalyse these connections you love to make, but to bring out the personalities you need to know about… productive singular strains for doing work.

Taurus’ (Apr 20-May 20) monthly themes for June include… The early stages of your self-renaissance, which must be treated with patience, one day at a time. You’re feeling very productive, and should set long term goals. Brainstorming and debates will be common. Share ideas on a small platform, it could be the encouragement you need. Use this momentum to combat your usual stubbornness to change by embracing new projects, ideas, ways of thinking. Just take these steps slowly, nothing has to stop. It’s important not to project concerns onto others, so check yourself. Do keep aware of friends’ motives- they won’t always be your interests. Motives of others must be watched too.

Cannabis to try: For controlling emotions, keeping things in perspective, keeping calm when you want to panic… Girl Scout Cookies is a solid strain to count on for a creative, light, relaxed mood.

Gemini’s (May 21-June 20) monthly themes for June include…… Priorities of passions, even if you have to re-ignite those flames. You’ve been fostering relationships of all kinds- don’t fall victim to burnout. There should be a receptive mood at work, take advantage and pitch! If you’re spread too thin personally and professionally, it’s ok for others to be disappointed in you while finding balance… can’t please ‘em all. Specific conversations pertaining to those high expectations may be needed. Slow down and cut yourself some slack!

Cannabis to try: Strains that can provide you a relaxing, resetting break without causing excess grogginess will be your friend. Look at Sour Diesel this week- a classic for good reason, inherent to cannabis’ truest abilities.

Cancer’s (June 21-July 22) monthly themes for June include… hectic versus stagnant schedules, that may require reordering. You need to work hard to keep yourself from being squeezed dry! You’re seeking energy from those are are excited, not doubtful. Don’t ignore the doubts though, heed the practical advice to be had before breaking off to your next adventure. You’re known to be empathic, but that doesn’t mean you should ever make assumptions- ask questions where you’re not sure. Your personal health must not be left to falter, and you may find yourself receiving extra attention from admirers this month.

Cannabis to try: Strains that would benefit you will bring focus when you’re thinking and doing a million different things. Green Crack reduces stress, puts the smoker in better touch with deeper self and feelings, to hone in on an idea with full creative force.

Leo’s (July 23-Aug 22) monthly themes for June include… Taking stock of friends, relationships. You’ve been doing the most lately. Emotional drama on the horizon requires calm, which is work for you. Spiritual epiphanies may happen, and they can be embraced without the words to describe yet. Could be triggered to attack back at an antagoniser, but will gain more restrained engagement. Demand necessary support for your health, try new improvement methods that you’re curious to test. May need to pull back on a big commitment, just don’t wait too long to make everyone aware.

Cannabis to try: During these tumultuous, dramatic and tense times, you’ll want to bolster a demoralized mood as much as you can. For mood improvement and elation, when it’s been such a heavy, depressing time, Pineapple Express is a sure hit of happiness and tropic escape while maintaining peak high energy.

Virgo’s (Aug 23-Sep 22) monthly themes for June include… Planning for a big goal and creating new desired milestones! New friends can draw out your more wild personality while also inspiring those goals blossom. You may find a new person to fixate on and romanticize- make sure they’re right for teaming up. Use discretion and metered judgement, the match could stir unnecessary problems from onlookers. Group activities with only the goal of fun in mind will provide a much needed respite from hard work!

Cannabis to try: Ideal strains won’t hinder mental clarity, but will be especially stimulating for quality social time, and optimization of fun… Cheese is a a great strain for great times and optimal fun amidst the general pressures of this busy month.


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