We all know about the classic high sites perfect for a rainy day… or lets be honest, a late weeknight sneaking in a few moments (hours) to scroll away… there’s the classic socials- Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. There’s YouTube for a story-time or weird ASMR sesh. Where else can you go though? For those moments when you truly need to clear your head or fill it up with some web-time after a nice joint, these are my favorites to creep on.

Pinterest is probably pretty well known at this point, but I still find it unique enough and weirdly not the most common amongst my friends, cannabis lovers or otherwise. It makes such a fun inspiration board, and I can spend way too much time scrolling DIY projects and looks. There’s also so many wonderful mood photos, pipes, smoking tips and troves of cannabis content.

Postsecret is one of the few “blogs” I started reading over a decade ago that still updates with its expected content, at the same level of artistry in the moving postcards revealing a secret every week. I love to sit with a cup of coffee and a bowl and reflect on these every Sunday I can.

StumbleUpon is kind of the catch-all for scrolling the web as a whole. The “browser” lets you click through interesting websites. You can categorize what you want to look it, but you’re guaranteed to find a cool page or two… or hundreds but you can’t bring yourself to stop on one and enjoy it because you know there’s more to discover!! Gah!

PBFcomics is a webcomic that doesn’t update as frequently as it used to, the author working on books and other mediums to deliver his incredible, hilarious, sometimes quite deep parables via web strip. The colors and stories are worth revisiting even if you’ve seen every one before.

XKCD is another webcomic that makes you think and feel more than you thought possible, especially given the stick figure art style. Delving into science and math, but also the human condition makes for some especially poignant high reading.

Groupon may seem like a riskier sure to be spending your time on while high, especially if you’re prone to high shopping. However, I’d argue that you could feel less guilty doing some splurges on Groupon because technically you are saving money. But it could also be treated as just a broad inspiration for trips you’d like to take, or treatments you deserve. You don’t need to check out to know that these services are available to you.

Itch.io might take a bit of searching and a few downloads to find a game you actually could waste some serious time playing- but they shouldn’t necessarily be called a waste, since some of the free games are so intriguing and beautiful. A perfect activity for a chill, stoned afternoon.

TravelPirates.com is wonderful because you don’t even know what sort of trips you could be missing that you can absolutely afford. I love smoking with friends and planning possible trips that we might be able to take, especially considering my recent goal of taking at least 2 international trips every year from now on.

Tarot.com has excellent tarot readings and card meanings that are interesting, reflective and at the very least fun to read. Even if you don’t super buy into that sort of thing, which I feel like must always be read through your personal lens first and foremost. That said, I love using this site for a good smoke sesh if I don’t have my cards on me.

ArtsAndCulture.Google has so many accessible ways to learn about art- this is the place to go if you’re looking to add a little culture and education to your webscrolling without hitting the museaum. You can hit your waterpipe instead.


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