I never knew how much I needed a Pax Era until I saw it on sale on 4/20. It was only $14.20 plus shipping costs, more than half off its original price, $29.99. I snagged one up right away and was excited upon its arrival. It arrived safely packaged in a sleek box.

On first impression, the Pax Era is a mix of sleek and functional design options that resemble popular Juul devices. It’s long and thin design fit comfortably in my hand, almost enveloped completely when I covered I held it in my palm.

First Impressions

The Pax Era is a pen-and-pod system for full-spectrum cannabis oil. Its refined and matte surface is soft to the touch and intuitive. The Pax Era has over 250 strains with 50 extract partners across the states. California has 81 strains alone. Consumers can choose from hybrid, indica, sativa, and high-terpene Pax pod varieties.

Pax Pods

Initially, I was excited to try out a new vaporizer system, especially from a brand I’ve come to love and trust. I’ve owned the original Pax dry herb vaporizer for years. Pax pods come with dual-wicks that heat either side of the cartridge for balanced heating.

I was put off by the fact that they only had half-gram cartridges, but it’s probably for the best, since full-gram cartridges run a higher risk of leaking and wasting oil. Pax pods come with pure cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes. You won’t find any diluents or additives in there.

Superior Temperature Control

Pax Era can be paired with a mobile app that lets users choose exact temperature preferences. The Pax Era connects via Bluetooth to your phone to customize sessions, select the length of your session, and even play games on the Era. I turned down the temperature to around 580º F to get more flavor out of the pod.

Brite Labs

Pax pods vary in price, but they range between $35-$50 per half a gram pod. I got my hands on a couple of Brite Labs Pax pods: Chemdawg and Blue Dream. Brite Labs extracts cannabis using CO2 technology to produce whole-plant concentrates. I’ve tried and enjoyed Chemdawg and Blue Dream flower, so I was excited to try what Pax brought to the table.

Blue Dream

I’m a fan of sativas, so of course, I got the sativa-dominant Blue Dream Pax pod. It’s a high-THC pod with a minty cool, almost menthol taste and aroma. Even through the pod hardware, the scent was apparent. After a few puffs, I was decently energized and in a pleasant mood. The vapor was fresh and refreshing and the effects were stress-relieving.


I’ve gotten a few Chemdawg Pax pods and loved them. Each Chemdawd pod had 63% THC with a total of 68% cannabinoids. This high-intensity extract pod had a distinctly earthy and subtly sweet citrus aroma with a slight diesel kick. These Pax pods are intense and last a long time while getting me high with just a few puffs.

Final Thoughts

All in all, the Pax Era is worth it only if you can score a deal on either the Era or the pods. Usually, pods are prohibitively expensive, but they make for a great gift for you or another. I’m not going to exclusively buy Pax Pods from now on, but I’m glad I have another vape system in my collection that is more discreet and sleeker than other alternatives.

Overall, I’ve used my Pax Era a handful of times and loved each experience. Its ergonomic design, high-quality build, and easy-to-use pod system is a winner. Enhanced temperature controls on the mobile app are the icing on the cake. I’m definitely excited to try out other Pax pods in the near future.

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