If you’re looking for some new cannabis accessories, decoration, or just cute items with a strong weed vibe, I always urge consumers to support their local economy. However, if you’re not patrolling the local stores vigilantly, you can often end up buying something over your budget while maybe finding something you like better later on.

That’s why Etsy is so magical! It has most of the convenience of Amazon (without instantaneous shipping) but all of the love for handmade products and artistry. If you love cannabis and want to support individual artists instead of giant manufacturers, here are some great Etsy stores to check out!

Leograph sells classic weed prints on canvas high tops- I love the rainbows and the nug prints, myself!

SugarRoseStudio has incredibly cute, feminine jewelry inspired by our favorite plant, street fashion, and hippie energy.

Condorapparel has so many reasonably priced cute tees, all pretty vibing with the weed scene and a few less subtle designs as well.

Winkclink customizes the Nike swoosh, the Vans V, and other brands on iconic shoes to display a fun print! And you KNOW they have a cute cannabis one available!

ForStrangeWomen has so many beautiful balms, perfumes, and other body care accessories too beautiful to not want to add to your collection. They pair cannabis and mint in a candle and a lip balm for maximum soothing.

Thefoundretail is your one-stop-shop for affordable, kooky enamel pins that will jazz up any denim jacket, backpack, or bag- trust me, there’s a pin on this page you’re gonna want.

SweetCookieCrumbs is kind of perfect for you home bakers, because you can purchase cookie cutters and stamps to identify your special goods! Let no edible be mistakenly consumed.

HiddenStashArt has the trippiest accessories- fun weed bags with old school prints, beautiful joint stickers, and a few amazing Pokemon necklaces. Great gift shopping to be had here!

CannabisForest is a jewelry crafter who uses real nuggets of weed in all of their gems and beads. Beautiful glass pendants with an adorable nug, or keychains, and even rings are available, too. So pretty, and downright smokeable looking!

Cottonwoodhemp has loud and proud cannabis prints on pumps! Which I have seen far and few inbetween, if you’re going for a classy-cannabis vibe. I’m a huge fan of the “ounce bag” pillowcases! Additionally, they have topicals for totally reasonable prices!

CynicalRedhead’s Etsy isn’t just a strong weed-loving vibe, but many hilarious, thoughtful, quite edgy phrases pressed onto keychains and bracelets. The stoner ones jump out, but who wouldn’t want to receive a “Thanks for all the orgasms” keychain from the appropriate gifter?

SweetChibaBaby is the purveyor of the absolute cutest and most lifelike blunt-roach accessories, including but not limited to: earrings, sunglasses, pins, and necklaces. The stoner baddie in your life will appreciate this, especially the blunt lovers.

Thecharmspot makes delicate, beautiful sterling silver and fine plated pot leaf jewelry and accessories… So much cannabis themed jewelry is made with subpar metal, because I guess fashion assumes if you smoke pot, you’re cheap? But no, I like the finer metals on my skin and this Etsy does not disappoint.

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