Lately, I’ve been fantasizing over the perfect weekend. Especially with spring and summer holidays happening and coming up! I’ve had some good ones lately, and made downright fantastic memories. Yet, I have these wishes for what I envision to be a delightful and litty weekend afternoon. Instead of waiting for Amsterdam to come to me, I’ve been dying to bring Amsterdam to myself and my friends. At least, the idea of it. Cute, floral setting. Delicious, home made foods. Hot coffee and tea, cold beverages. High as a free-blowing, brightly colored kite in the breeze.

Hosting a high brunch for my cannabis-loving friends is something I intend to do, especially to take advantage of living in a cannabis friendly area. That could even mean doing something so simple as smoking and then deciding on a dope, adorable brunching spot. In my neighborhood, I love to go to the typical cute places, all easy to find on Westside LA Yelp in the moderate to higher price range… but that’s because it’s worth it. Sorry, but those late night high Denny’s adventures are not welcome in my fantasy. Excellent places to get high and go to brunch in LA area would include restaurants near dispensaries, this creating a bigger expectation for pro-cannabis clientele. Additionally, brunch spots with bottomless mimosas won’t mind if you’re there a little under an influence, as long as you keep your cool. At least you know you’re going to order food, if you even spring for a bottomless mimosa. I’d rather have patio seating so I could continue to hit my weed vape pen. Of course, there are actual cafés that allow cannabis openly (refer to other article).

My fantasy mostly pertains to creating the whole effort yourself. I think it would be adorable to have  personally rolled and labeled joints to start with, if you’re able to secure an ideal outdoor area that is not too crowded, or preferably accessible to you, private, and smoker friendly. You don’t want the buzz to be brought down by a fellow neighbor or tenant telling you off, or worse, complaining that they could call the authorities. So do what you can to ensure mellow, delightful vibes for you and your friends. At the very least, cannabis vape pens are incredibly easy to make inoffensive in almost any situation, and a variety of those could be accessible to your guests.

I would love to pack up my vapes and picnic basket with my friends, head over to the park across the street, lay out a blanket half in sun, half in shade, with blooming flowers in view. In our picnic basket might be a fine baguette, goat cheese, fix jam, and lightly dosed cannabis butter, flavored with maple or perhaps another strong flavor. If we were really ambitious, homemade breakfast burritos, the eggs prepared with cannabis infused oil, along with seasoning, pico de gallo, mushrooms, spinach and cheese. Fruit as a refresher in between, plenty of THC or CBD sodas, mixed with muddled fruits and fresh juice for an optimal hydration, nutritional liquid- my favorite. Coffee is a must for any brunch, no matter where it is. Of course, you’ll need mimosas and prosecco for those not partaking in cannabis, but always, bring the drinks in Hydroflasks to keep everything cold and hot and fresh. It’s amazing, I’m a recent convert and I wish I hadn’t waited so long to opt into the cult.

With all these hot tips, you too can steal my dream and create the perfect canna-brunch!

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