Father’s Day is all about showing your dad or someone you love like a dad how much they mean to you. Stoner dads or those interested in the prospect of consuming cannabis can benefit from a one or more weed-related gifts to make their cannabis experience more fulfilling.

Whether your dad prefers to stick with a high-free cannabidiol (CBD) vape pen before he goes to sleep or likes to take huge dabs every once in a while, here’s a 420-friendly gift guide that can help you choose a functional and stylish gift for your dad.

1. Joint Rolling Tray

A weed tray is an indispensable tool in anyone’s weed accessory arsenal. If your dad loves to roll joints and blunts, give him the weed rolling tray from RAW made from durable metal, glass, or wood. RAW’s Triple Flip bamboo rolling tray has a built-in locking magnet system, so your dad can set up his own configuration. Your pops will love the easy-to-use tray with multiple compartments to prep a bowl or joint.

2. Weed-Friendly Clothing

It’s more than acceptable to rock a punny weed shirt in the midst of today’s cannabis legalization wave. Sure, there’s still some stigma attached to the innocuous plant, but wearing a shirt with a big pot leaf on the front brings increased awareness to the cannabis plant.

Help your dad show his support for hemp with 100% hemp-based shirts from Jungmaven. Head on over to artisan-friendly Etsy for a large selection of marijuana-friendly graphic and novelty t-shirts. Infuse a bit of pro-cannabis imagery into your dad’s wardrobe with these tee’s:

3. Botanical Extractor

Is your dad a hopeful or master cook? Does your dad prefer consuming edibles than inhaling cannabis? If so, he may love a botanical extractor that infuses cannabis flower, stems, and trim into his choice of oil or butter. Magical Butter and LEVO are two sleek and state-of-the-art extractors that can make lotions, soaps, edibles, and salves, oils, and more.

4. Cannabis Topicals

Not all cannabis-infused products get you baked. Cannabis topicals with THC and/or CBD are non-intoxicating because the therapeutic cannabinoids cannot reach the bloodstream when applied on the skin. If your dad loves to workout or has a labor-heavy job, he’ll love a CBD plant balm from Plant People to provide mild relief for those daily aches and pains that are a natural part of aging.

5. Travel Case

Dads that travel a lot or are constantly on-the-go can benefit from a compact and stylish travel case for their weed accessories. Go with the Black Rock Originals safety case to protect your dad’s expensive portable vaporizer and smell-proof his cannabis buds. Choose the Cannador leather toolkit for a case that will look better with time.

Cannabis-smoking dads deserve all the stoner gifts in the world and more for all the hard work they do. There are plenty of other cannabis-related gifts and activities you can give your dad. From booking a cannabis grow tour to setting up a cannabis-oil massage, marijuana can be infused into nearly any product and activity. Pair a thoughtful card with your gift to add the finishing touch.

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