I’ve been on a little bit of an extract kick recently and I’ve been extremely pleased with the quality of the live resins I’ve been finding in my local area. On a recent trip to my neighborhood dispensary, I picked up some live resin from a company out of Washington State named Svin Gardens for a great price of $21USD for a gram. I decided to go with their Marionberry Kush that had a whopping 16% terpenes. To give you a little background, terpenes are essential oils of a plant that determine the flavor of a cannabis product. Most cannabis flower contains less than 5% terpenes and many times below 2%, so a terp level of 16% is massive.

Now, at first glance, the Marionberry Kush live resin looked like tiny golden eggs of caviar that glistened in the light. Unlike normal hashes and waxes, live resins have a lot more moisture and stickiness along with flavor as it’s an extract that is taken while the plant is still fresh vs. kief or hash which is extracted once the plant has been dried. When I opened the container I was met with a heavy smell that reminded me of a mix between diesel and haze along with some slight berry notes. Sometimes it’s difficult to really know the flavor of a live resin until it’s vaporized.

I decided to use my Mobius Matrix Dab rig along with a diamond knot quartz banger and once I put my nail into the resin I was amazed at how easy it was to grab the exact amount I needed without having too much stick to the glass. I myself prefer low heat dabs so I lit her up to around 420°F degrees and once my nail hit the quartz it was blast off time. I was instantly hit by the Marionberry’s taste as my palette was filled with delicious notes of gas and berry and a heavy haze back that reminded me of the old school Super Silver Haze flavor of the ’90s. As for potency, I wasn’t floored after my first hit which is unusual for dabs but the Marionberry is a Hybrid so I’m guessing this one has a little more Sativa even though the label said Indica dominant, especially because of the heavy Haze flavor. After a second dab, I was definitely stoned but more of an energetic deep focus high. I usually am not a huge fan of Sativa’s like these, but to be honest, it was enough of a hybrid to make me feel a decent stone so I wasn’t upset.

Overall, I found the Marionberry Kush to be an okay live resin but I have absolutely had better, but at a price of $21, I really can’t complain. As for taste and flavor, I liked the profile and gave her a 9.3/10, but in terms of it being a live resin, I expected a bit more funk. As for strength and potency, I really wasn’t blown away and I wouldn’t say I was disappointed, I still felt it was acceptable and was probably taken from a plant that wasn’t fully matured, so I gave it a. 8.2/10. In the end, if I was given an option, I probably wouldn’t go with this strain again.

marionberry kush live resin

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