The great American road trip can now be enhanced with some cannabis. Of course, I’m not recommending you should consume cannabis behind the wheel or even just before you’re about to drive. Driving while high is a recipe for disaster.

Weed can be enjoyed in a variety of ways by avid road trippers. There are many laws that limit where you can take, buy, or consume cannabis, so it’s important to brush up on local laws and follow these tried-and-true tips to make your cannabis-themed road trip a success.

Traveling with Weed

Transporting cannabis across state or country lines is illegal, so you’ll be subject to state and local laws if you get caught. Flying with weed can be risky, but a responsibly-planned car road trip won’t attract as much attention as long as you’re not smoking out of the car window or anything.

Smell-Proof Your Weed

If you happen to get pulled over for any reason, the last thing you want is to get caught with a carload of cannabis. In California, for example, you’re allowed to have cannabis in your car if it’s in an unopened package, the same way alcohol is treated.

Invest in a travel-friendly and smell-proof container that can hold your flower, vapes, joints, and other weed accessories. Store your airtight sealed container in the trunk, if possible, to reduce the smell. You can also store in your glove compartment, but the trunk is more advisable.

Look Up Local Weed Laws

Make sure to check out local possession limits to ensure you don’t have more weed on you than legally allowed. You won’t likely get sold more than the legal limit, but if you happen to have more than the limit you run the risk of being charged with a misdemeanor, jail time, and fines.

You’ll also want to check if the state you’re heading to accepts your out-of-state medical marijuana card. Many states will accept them, but some are strict and won’t. Even recreational states can have large geographical areas without access to weed leaving you and your buddies high and dry.

Choose a Designated Driver

Going on a road trip with your friends? Don’t forget to choose a designated driver before everyone gets lit. A sober driver enables others to enjoy their high, scenic landscapes, and road trip music without a care in the world. Make sure everyone gets a enjoy the passenger view on weed.

Bring Munchies and Music

A cannabis-induced road trip isn’t complete without a hearty selection of munchies and an energizing mix of tunes. You don’t want to pull over every time you’re hungry. Make sure to bring some trail mix, fruit, vegetables, and water to keep you full, hydrated, and dry mouth-free. Look up on Spotify or Youtube for songs for weed smokers and sing along.

Book Cannabis-Friendly Lodging

Unless you plan to drive the entire way to your destination, you’re likely going to have to book a room for the night. Most hotels and rentals won’t let you smoke inside, but alternatives to Airbnb like Bud and Breakfast give travel junkies a place to stay and enjoy nature’s gift without repercussions.

Cannabis tourism is an increasingly popular industry that gave rise to pot-friendly vacation destinations, weed-friendly hotels, and marijuana-infused activities. Whether you’re venturing into the Great North for a taste of Canadian weed or planning a West Coast road trip, there’s plenty of natural beauty to fuel your weed-induced road trip.


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