I’m always down to try a good indica. I find less and less that my fellow cannabis lovers keep sativas in their mason jars, because most of my friends use cannabis as a sleep aid. That generally bums me out, because it feels like they don’t want to give the energetic, uplifting properties a well deserved chance, just because they had a bad experience back in the day. I love to try new strains, never really connecting to a true favorite- all cannabis experiences are equally beautiful in my mind, and I’ll try just about any combination of strains. Regardless, to stay on the “safe” side and not expose any of my friends to a sativa-induced panic attack, I asked my budtender about some uplifting indicas that might be a good alternative.

I generally feel that with the right dosage, almost any cannabis can be a good ‘anytime’ strain. That said, I mentioned that I was looking for something that would decently address my lousy menstrual cramps and severely unstable mood of late, and she kindly suggested Berries and Cream (sometimes spelled créme), not to be confused with Strawberries and Cream. An indica engineered in Portland, this sweet, thick-feeling smoke tastes of berry and sugary vanilla, an flavor profile greatly heightened when I smoked it out of my friend’s water pipe. As far as tasty strains, Berries and Cream should receive the highest marks! If sweet flavors are your bag, you absolutely have to give it a spin. I thoroughly enjoyed bowls of this strain with an herbal tea and the overall effect was calming and decadent. My friends also excitedly noted how delicious the smoke was! Preferers of a skunky bud might find this one a little too weak, but sweet-tooths will rejoice.

It’s definitely a heavier high, felt throughout the body upon inhale. Yet, my mind stayed fairly sharp and active. If I was already dead tired, this would be a fine strain to aid insomnia, but it was ideal for assuaging anxiety without weighing my eyelids down too heavily. I was able to maintain clear thoughts and not get distracted, while feeling supremely at ease. I found this strain particularly ideal for some cozy evening reading on the couch. It’s a great chill activity smoke, but agreeable best for transitioning to sleepy time.

This strain acts as a sleep aid in varying degrees- a big enough joint filled with most cannabis, especially indica, will likely have you ready to knock out. Yet it’s versatile enough to be used in the daytime, provided you don’t accidentally consume too much. The trouble with high tolerance users like myself is that the line between the optimal high, and a little too much to function, is quite fine. I’m usually good at balancing it, but I love the sensation of smoking. If you’re looking for a sensible but strong indica, with a lovely flavor profile akin to the name, you won’t be disappointed by Berries and Cream.

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