I’ll be honest, I’m always hesitant when a strain has a celebrity’s name attached to it. There are some exceptions such as Obama Kush and the Jack Herer but I once had some “Charlie Sheen OG” and I still haven’t recovered from my disappointment. But recently I got a hold of another celebrity strain that I was willing to take a chance on in Snoop’s Green Crack. The Snoops Green Crack appears to be a 50/50 Hybrid that combines Snoops Dream with Green Crack and the combination is definitely a match made in heaven. Now at a price of $40USD an eight I was a bit hesitant but It had some amazing word of mouth so I pulled the trigger.

At first glance, the nugs were on the darker side which I don’t mind and still had a healthy coating of trichomes. This strain came with some serious bag appeal as she had marvelous orange hairs with gold and purple hues. Once I opened the jar her earthy funk hit me right in the face and there was a lingering scent of Blueberries most likely from the Blue Dream in the Snoop’s Dream. We decided to load her up in my David Goldstein fritted Disc bong and upon breaking up the nugs I could smell much more of her diesel and skunk notes which told me this strain was going to be a tasty one and boy was I right. On the first inhale my mouth was filled with the flavor of gas and berries and I truly felt like I was chilling backstage in the Greenroom with Snoop and the Dogg Pound. My sincere apologies for my outdated reference. I have some special memories from the Power 106 “Where Hip Hop Lives” Concert back in 1995. Anyway, back to the Snoops Green Crack, the flavor was super kushy and heavy on the lungs as it had me choking like a rookie. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t harsh, just so resin coated it was almost like taking a hit of some good bubble hash. Once I was able to shake off the cobwebs, I was super, super baked. I would absolutely call this some couchlock weed. A definite one hitter quitter. I decided to take two and I was laying down on my couch within a half hour. This was also some great munchie weed as I somehow managed to spend $15 at my local taco spot and ate every bite of my Al Pastor.

In closing, the Snoops Dream was an amazing strain that reminded me of those early Bubba and OG Kush’s of the mid to late ’90s. Taste wise I loved every bit of her earthy and fruity flavor profile and gave her a 9.3/10. As for potency, this was the stuff that you save for those special nights when you can’t fall asleep. It’s the strain you give to your buddy that claims weed doesn’t get them high anymore. It was heavy and wonderful for my tolerance level so I gave it a 9.7/10 and would say it is one of the stoniest strains I’ve sampled in a while. If you see Snoop’s Green Crack at your local dispensary, grab it, you won’t be disappointed.


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