When I last went to the cannabis shoppe, I told the budtender I’ve been dealing with a lot of fatigue lately, but I’ve mostly stuck to the indica side of strains. Despite not having enough energy to deal with the large amount of work, personal, and family items piling up on my plate, I was hesitant to buy a full blown sativa. I ultimately went for a hybrid eighth, but since my shop offers specials on certain days, I was able to purchase an extra gram. I asked for recommendations for a shop-favorite indica in my budget, and she came back with a jar of Punchsicle.

This is a strong one, I must admit! It’s a sedative, drowsy strain that calms the mind and numbs the body. Any pain or soreness will be easy to live with after a couple of hits with this strain. While not a particularly mind-stimulating strain, it provides moderate levels of mental calmness. I tend to think of cerebral cannabis as the kind that can potentially speed up the synapses in my brain to keep sparking ideas and motivation. A more calming strain creates space in between racing thoughts so that I can actually unwind and live in the present moment.

Punchsicle will absolutely create that mental space for you, being potent enough to turn off less appealing trains of thought. This is an especially valuable trait of this strain for those who just want to get some quality sleep! The rest I was able to get while using Punchsicle was extremely quality, but also made getting out of bed more of a challenge for me. When the rest is great, waking up is the worst, and the comatose-like sedation proved to be almost too powerful.

Another potent characteristic noted by other uses was appetite increase. Look out for the munchies smoking this one, because they will get you. I lost count of how many of those little, delectable, peanut butter filled pretzel pillows I demolished after smoking a bowl of Punchsicle, even if I wasn’t previously hungry. That said, this would be an awesome strain to roll into a joint before treating yourself to a large delivery order in front of the couch.

I wouldn’t recommend Punchsicle as a regular habit to those trying to maintain an active lifestyle, unless you’re careful about saving it for just before bed. Preferably, you’d already be in bed to not be tempted by the proximity of the kitchen. Just don’t keep snacks by the bed!

Even without the added snacks, Punchsicle is extremely tasty on its own! Sweet berry and grape are the key notes, but more specific tastes like grape soda are present as well. It’s a fragrant scent, good for hotboxing and hitting a pen in public, but again, I don’t know that I would choose Punchsicle unless I was home and ready to hit the hay.

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