I was in my local dispensary recently and my budtender pointed out an interesting new strain that had been getting good reviews, named Amherst Sour Diesel. I’d never heard of this cut so at $20 USD an eighth I decided to try it out. Now I’ve been doing some research and from what I can tell, the “Amherst” is referring to the strains Massachusets roots. I do know it is a cross of Chemdawg with Amherst Super Skunk and is said to be a sativa dominant hybrid.

At first glance, I wasn’t exactly blown away by the Amherst Sour Diesel as the nugs were on the smaller side and looked a little dry. Once I opened the jar I was hit with an almost sweet flavor with a heavy dose of gas. The diesel was there, but this nutty almost caramel aroma it also had was something different. I almost want to say it had a hint of coconut within it but reminded me of vanilla ice cream. The nugs were small but dense and were also stickier than they first looked. I decided to roll it up in a joint and upon grinding it I could smell the Diesel but the hints of tropical sweetness permeated the air. Once she was lit I could taste the earthy goodness of pine along with diesel and a hint of coconut caramel. It really was different and not at all obnoxious. I would describe it as very mellow and palatable. After smoking her I would describe the flavor as sweet coconut vanilla.

As for potency, the Amherst Sour Diesel was more on the sativa side as it gave me a ton of energy and allowed me to focus on the episode of Game of Thrones I was watching. It also had me nice and stoned. Many times sativa’s don’t get me as high as I’d like but this hybrid was able to also mellow me out and make my eyes nice and heavy along with being energized. The Amherst also kept me high for at least a good couple of hours so she was nice and strong. I definitely wouldn’t recommend it for sleep but could see it being the perfect strain for a night out on the town.

At the end of the day I truly enjoyed the Amherst Sour Diesel and on a scale of taste and pungency gave it a 9.2/10. The flavor was unique as well as delicious and had me wanting more. I truly haven’t tasted this flavor of pot in my 20+ years of smoking so it was a nice break from the norm. As for potency, I found it to be a great daytime weed and kept me buzzing for a while so I gave it an 8.8/10. Overall, a great strain for those looking for something different without getting stuck on the couch. I’d definitely recommend you try it out if you see it on your local shelf.

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