As I prepare for my first music festival of the season at Lightning in a Bottle, I’m starting to make lists of what to bring. Yes, listS, plural. While I don’t want to over-encumber myself from the car to the campsite, I need to be certain to pack the variety of necessities that will go in my small backpack or fanny-pack to wear while adventuring at the fest.

I’m not one of those festival goers who can say “Screw it, I don’t need a bag! I’m not even bringing my phone!” I fully appreciate and even envy the sentiment, but I just experience too much anxiety without knowing I have some solutions to unforeseeable issues. It should be noted that for cannabis, it’ll be much easier get those items into a camping festival, but I have yet to come to a music event where I ran into trouble carrying it. And always make sure to read the rules about what is and isn’t allowed into every music event- most vary from each other and you don’t want to be surprised at the gate. I’ve been caught off guard more than once having to get rid of open chapstick, and have seen countless Vicks Vapor sticks tossed, when they may have made it in with original, sealed packaging. Not the end of the world, but it’s definitely not fun to have to lose a Juul pod, either. If you’re careful bringing them in, without any intention of harming others (duh), you won’t have to lose any of them! But doing your research and being prepared is even better.

Maybe for some, my list too much, but for a long day, it’s comforting to feel the right amount of prepared. If you could fit all these in your pockets, and ditch the fanny or backpack, maybe you’re better at it than me. Maybe it just means that for “rave moms,” we like to be able to Mary Poppins things out of our bags… but here’s what I like to keep on me for the best fest experience.

-A few grams of good weed, already rolled into joints, preferably

-Lighter because it sucks to ask around for one

-One hitter or papers because it’s hardly a fest without smoking some real flower

-Vape pen because they are so easy to bring, discrete, and a good light hit without getting sleepy off a whole joint

-Disposable water bottle, if you’re not on the camelback life, that’s easy to refill but also chug and crunch down to save space, but not have to buy a new bottle later for the 5th time

-Chapstick is an absolute on these hot, dehydrating days to feel human, especially after singing along at top volume

-Light jacket or pashmina because sudden temperature changes are real and unpleasant + bandana if dusty, because who likes black crud in their nose?

-Hat if you really wanna beat the heat

-Small sunscreen because your skin will thank you later

-Wallet, phone, keys as the absolutely musts, if you forget everything else

-Gum, because if you have anything else fun that’s not on this list, you’ll probably be craving it

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