Wonder Woman OG is another one of the illustrious superhero strains that have saturated the pop-culture scene. The Wonder Woman strain, much like its superhero counterpart Batman OG, is shrouded in mystery as far as its genetics and lineage are concerned. Consumers love this strain for its robust flavors and fast-acting effects. Wonder Woman OG is another hard-hitting indica that is sure to put you straight to bed after a relaxing nighttime sesh.



The Wonder Woman OG marijuana strain is an indica dominant hybrid. This potent kush is a product of two female plants, one of which has been manipulated to produce male flowers. The parent strain can produce either sativa dominant or indica dominant offspring. Wonder Woman OG marijuana is a 100% female strain that produces over 500 grams per square meter. Its been speculated that this strain is a cross between Dutch strain Top44 and 1998 Cannabis Cup winner Ice.  This strain boasts a THC level ranging from 16-18% as well as an array of potent indica effects.



The Wonder Woman strain induces an uplifting cerebral high followed by deep sedation. This strain is sure to uplift your mood and create positive energy during consumption. Wonder Woman OG calms body and mind, promotes relaxation & sleep while it also boosts appetite, relieves stress & nausea. This versatile strain can be used to treat a variety of conditions such as pain, muscle spasms, lack of appetite, fatigue, and inflammation. This strain’s versatility makes it a great medical tool and a wonderful aid even for recreational consumers. The most common negative effects of this strain are pretty common with overdosage of many other strains such as: dry mouth, dry eyes, paranoia, and headaches.



There have been mixed reviews on the aroma and prominent flavors that come through this top-shelf strain. Some of the noted flavors have been citrus, menthol, and even tobacco. The taste is earthy and robust and nutty, like coffee grown on a mountain slope in Central America. It’s also fresh and clean like the air in this same mountain village after a spring rain. The high comes on slowly for such a potent strain and takes about ten minutes to develop fully. Once you fully settle in, be prepared to feel relaxed and carefree for several hours. This strain works very well for evening relaxing and comfortable sleep.




This top shelf bud can be hard to find and can often run expensive, but it’s worth the search and all your hard-earned coins. Due to Wonder Woman’s super strength, this strain is perfect for eliminating any pain or stress. This heavy hitter is best used during nighttime before bed because it is prone to making consumers sleepy. Although details about this cannabis strain’s background are hazy, fans still love this supercharged indica dominant hybrid. The next time you’re on the prowl for something unique, potent, and effective, be sure to pick up a few grams of Wonder Woman OG. For more rare and exotic strain reviews, be sure to check out realfunctional.com.

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