There’s nothing like smoking a nice smooth joint in the middle of the crowd at a show, as the headliner cues up the perfect song for the mood. With Coachella past, and festival/concert going season officially upon us, I’m getting my cannabis grocery list ready. Getting actual cannabis into a festival or concert has never been a problem for me, but that doesn’t mean that people haven’t been hassled, had their weed taken, or at the worst, been ticketed or arrested. Sneaking in edibles is about the same challenge of bringing in a vape cartridge or flower, but they’re certainly less conspicuous to consume. Or easy to finish right before you go in! I like to bring a few, and a vape pen into the fest, myself. My favorite high for a concert is something that will energize me to dance, while easing my back pain from continuous walking and dancing for hours.

These edibles are great for an energetic high and bodily relief, perfect for a festival. Unfortunately, some are only available in certain states, but it’s always worth requesting an order at your dispensary for these products!

Ginger Fig Safari Bar by YUP 

YUP has changed the edibles game by offering nutritious protein bars, that genuinely give you the sense that an edible doesn’t have to be packed with sugar and without any bodily value beyond the cannabis. With lots of protein, fiber, natural ingredients, and 20mg of THC and CBD, a serving or 2 of this tasty, fig based bar will have you reaching a good high, with fuel to burn.

Dr. Norm’s Low Dose Cookies 

For those who want to approach edibles with caution, a big bag of low-dose cookies may be the way to go. Dr. Norm’s cookies are so tasty with a nice crunch and a  chewy center. If you’re looking for a little more of a munchable snack to get something in your stomach, you can have more of these treats at 5mg of THC per cookie.

Infused Beef Jerky by BAM 

Beef jerky is one of my favorite active snacks. I love a good savory edible, and jerky is great for supplanting the body’s empty protein stores when you’re getting ready to burn tons of calories, or already have. As another product with a lower-key high at 9% of THC in a bag, this edible won’t knock you off your ass, but will chill you out. Sriracha flavor? Yes please!


Tangerine Sativa Valhalla Gummies 

You can’t go wrong with a classic gummy, but these fairly strong sativa dominant, tangerine flavored soft candies are ideal for an active weekend of getting down. Sucking on a 10mg serving dose under your tongue will have you ready to run around, and boosting that euphoria. Valhalla’s gummy recipe is also great for metabolism and inflammation, as a plus.

Calivolve CBD Matcha Truffles 

For those who want to stick with CBD and either get their psychoactivity elsewhere, or stay sober, the Calivolve CBD truffles are rich and delicious. The CBD will heal those aching backs and joints, and while some may consider a little heavy for an active day, but the matcha flavor will have enough of an extra boost to re-energize.

Laurie and Mary Jane’s Fruity Nut Bars

You can feel good about choosing this nutritious, less sugary, high-energy yielding fruit and nut bar from Laurie and Mary Jane. Amongst the health conscious friends you may make this season, these vegan, gluten free, naturally sweetened bars have a sativa version that is great to split at 50mg per bar. This fruit and nut edible will keep your mood and spirit up!

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