Sativas are definitely not for everyone, but I believe they get a worse reputation than they deserve. Almost all of my smoking friends won’t even try a hit if the strain is a dominant sativa. When I do decide to buy a sativa, I’ll usually express some hesitancy and go for a hybrid. The result of crossing East Coast Sour Diesel with Tangie guarantees a jumpstart to the creative mind and should create a pleasant mood, even for an indica preferer.

Everyone rants about the delicious citrus taste and scent, so if you’re one to enjoy a particularly flavorful cannabis, this is a must try. I also sense that a Sour Tangie based edible would be well matched in edibles as a fruit flavored candy, or even a pleasant lemony baked good.

Sour Tangie can make a surprisingly fun experience out of cleaning the house, and taking care of chores. It’s solid if you’re busy, and have a lot to do. In fact, the motivational aspect of productivity combined with the emotional elation are great as a little helping hand when you’re feeling overwhelmed and stressed by your To-Do list. A lot of those who enjoy it describe the effects as being great for recreation, yet a helpful medicine if you’re depressed and can’t seem to get yourself going. Everyone’s needs are different, but I definitely have fun when I smoke Sour Tangie.

If you’re going to sit and chill with any sativa, I recommend having some way to stay engaged and busy on hand,  the paranoia that can break out from an overactive train of thoughts stems from a lack of stimulation. Having too much to think about and not enough to do is frequently what leads to sativa-induced panics. Sour Tangie is well reputed to be easy on those prone to negative effects. For most sativa enthusiasts, Sour Tangie is lower risk for anxiety potential, and offers functional relaxation. With the right friends and outlets, you can pour out those thoughts and feelings through conversation, writing, or art, and eliminate the risk entirely.

I would even recommend Sour Tangie for those delving into sativas again after a bad experience previously. It’s popular for maintaining energy while containing anxious, racing thoughts. I think it could work well for those seeking mood enhancement and light bodily sensation. Sleepy indicas feel heavy everywhere to me, just what I want when I need to lay down, but I also love to feel like a cloud whether I’m laying down or not. Sour Tangie makes me feel like I’m bouncing on a vanilla ice cream, orange soda float. And yes, those are delicious.

It does almost have a sugar-rush like effect for me, without the crappy crash later. Bubbly, fun, ready to hurry around then have a laugh. As with anything good, all things in moderation, and your experience with Sour Tangie should be an awesome one.

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