Lately, I’ve been taking into consideration the newest studies that show a link between extremely potent cannabis, daily use, and psychosis. The common availability of strongly bred THC levels in cannabis has been mostly a cause for celebration. Yet, regular smokers now have access to the most psychoactive strains on a regular basis, which may be cause for concern, or at least deeper investigation. Highly potent weed is easy to get in European cities that have seen recent, increased numbers of psychotic episodes, as described by NPR. The evidence found who started at age 15 or younger were at a slightly higher risk. Although I became mostly regular a few years later, I was reminded of the culture in my hometown that lends itself to the youth trying cannabis early.

My point generally being that, like alcohol, more scientific, unbiased research is needed to learn exactly how regular cannabis consumption affects our physiology. I have been leaning weaker, less psychoactive strains in general, simply because they’re cheaper. When you like to frequently smoke weed, choosing the strongest strains possible would not be inexpensive. For a light hit every hour on a productive Sunday, I think your preferred sativa in the lowest price point at the local dispensary is ideal. I personally only want the top shelf, most effective hits on the rare occasion.

Everybody is different, of course, and perhaps you’re a daily smoker who absolutely abides by a strong, large dose regularly. Personally, I’ve had a generally positive relationship with cannabis for most of the time I’ve been using it. Only recently in my life have I been exposed to these genetically engineered, designer strains and ingestion methods, and lately, I’ve been enjoying using those periodically. It makes them a little more special, and absolutely will save you money.

I have a friend who gets annoyed with me when I try to bring what weed to contribute to the blunt that he finds way below standard. If I’ve decided to bring a $35 eighth, he’ll groan about it while breaking it up. However, when we smoke a big blunt filled with the heavily powerful cannabis he prefers, I get way too high to the point of lightheadedness and ringing ears, and I would have much preferred smoking only have as much. It seems to be a difficult balance to match the amount each person likes to smoke, to the intensity of the cannabis.

I have also advocated for replacing some of that oral fixation habit with an essential oil vape pen. It may be worthwhile to smoke smaller amounts of quality cannabis and then vaping when craving a “hit.” Even for someone with a fairly tolerant system to cannabis, I think the experience can be just as enjoyable with quality, reasonably priced flower without springing for the most THC, hardest hitting weed on the market. That kind of intense high just isn’t what will be most beneficial for my daily smoking needs.


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