With the Avengers franchise finally ending, what better way to celebrate than to match corresponding cannabis strains to their later phase Avengers! Whether it’s to honor your favorite of the fallen, or just find that perfect high for enjoying right before you hit the theater for Endgame, see if these strains remind you of certain Marvel heroes.


Black Panther would be… Pink Panther. Although named for an entirely different Panther-themed do-gooder, the sativa-heavy hybrid is a favorite for physical activity. Of all the Avengers, Black Panther has such a smooth physicality that he owes to the rare Wakandan flower. Let Pink Panther help access your own physical strength and a better mood through ingesting this mystical flower.

Spider-Man would be… Green Crack. Fun, youthful, vibrant energy are the similarities here. Peter Parker must be compared to a strain as upbeat, chipper, and energetic as he is. Teetering into paranoia for sensitive smokers, like our beloved Spider-Man, Green Crack pushes you to join the team and have a laugh. Green Crack gets your body itching to do something, so make sure you’re ready to stow away on the spaceship if you have to!

Star Lord would be… Starfighter. Alien origins power this sweet, upbeat hybrid, like Peter Quill. Reminiscent of his wielding of the Power stone, the hybrid is is purple and quick at its peak. It’ll have you groovin’ as if cruising from planet to planet, jamming out to your 70s music mixtape. Quill exudes relaxed confidence most of the time. A pretty far out cannabis would have to be the equivalent to the hero able to win battles through the power of dance.

Captain Marvel would be… Space Bomb. The pure energy that powers Carol Danvers seems to also power this hard-hitting hybrid. Popular for a fun night out, it energizes, engages, and increases euphoria. Carol herself is a little chatty, but can also multitask and swoop in to save the day from depression. Both are exuberant and we count on them solve dire, dark situations, with a spunky mohawk.

Ant-Man would be… Secret Recipe. Perhaps the most unlikely of the Avengers, Scott can act with precision and subtlety. A little too much juice on his quantum regulator can have have him awkwardly growing to 60 feet and falling down. Yet, it’s hailed for its surprising utilitarianism in small doses. Perhaps Ant-Man will also reveal himself to be instrumentally useful to the cause.

Dr. Strange would be… Martian Mean Green. Even though he’s not the most involved team player, it would be shameful to write a Marvel character cannabis comparison without including the trippiest, consciousness-bending wizard. Martian Mean Green is a potent sativa-leaning hybrid that relieves stress while opening its users minds to new possibilities. Dr. Strange can travel through dimensions, and use his unique perspective to (hopefully) make universe-saving decisions. Martian Mean Green might get you part of the way there.

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