With the Avengers franchise finally ending, what better way to celebrate than to match corresponding cannabis strains to their original Avengers. Is there any other way to go see a new Marvel flick without hotboxing the car in the movie theater parking garage? Luckily, there’s a reason why these heroes have the code names they do – some cannabis strains are named for similar reasons!


Iron Man would be… Cinex. The first avenger is not only brilliant, but quick witted and one of the most reliable for a laugh. Only fitting is a strain that uplifts and improves the user’s mood, being a good strain for the giggles. It stimulates creative workflow, but should be used gradually to limit risks of paranoia. Or maybe you want to get there and get the full Tony Stark experience from this sativa. Stark himself would probably be better off sticking to one of the indicas we recommend to deal with PTSD symptoms and his inability to sleep.

Thor would be… Chronic Thunder. The god of thunder tends to have a full-bodied effect on viewers, like myself especially, so deserves a fully-body affecting strain. The powerful indica creates a sense of confidence and general affability, while destroying pain and sleep troubles. Chronic Thunder can give its user a grinning smile, something Thor easily evokes onscreen, giving Tony a run for his comedic value. Once the full potential of Thor is unlocked, he’s nearly unstoppable, and Chronic Thunder will work to keep you under.

Captain America would be… Liberty Haze. The chipper, proper cap, beloved by his citizens, is represented by an equally beloved strain. A classic green hybrid that gives the user a strong head high, good for keeping anxiety at bay. A heroic leader needs to be alert, fast acting, and decisive. Liberty Haze will have you jumping into action. Those looking for a high with a sense of pride, a healthy high, an American high- should be pleased.

The Hulk would be… Incredible Hulk. Within mild mannered genius Bruce Banner lies the absolute powerhouse that is Hulk! As a cannabis strain, this namesake was chosen for its active stimulation in the mind, social skills, and bodily strength. This sativa goes well before hitting the gym, to unleash the inner green monster. Alternatively, it’s also ideal for thinking deep and connecting with a loved one, like the intelligent lover on this hero’s surface.

Black Widow would be… Purple Widow. The intriguing assassin is known for her espionage and ability to operate undetected. We also know her as a caring, steadfast friend with a knack for calming down an agitated monster. The sativa Purple Widow, honors its parents with a stony, knocked-off-your-ass body high, offset by a fast-thinking head high. Black Widow soothes, and also slays. Perhaps neither this Avenger or cross-strain are the most popular, but both can be counted on to execute their mission.


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