The Jupiter Kush cannabis strain is an indica dominant hybrid strain that provides a creative, energetic boost while still being a fully cerebral and physical high. Jupiter Kush provides a nicely balanced combination of the best of both worlds. With a THC level of 12-16% Jupiter Kush weed has a host of medical uses that are great for consumers who suffer with issues like ADHD, chronic pain, and more. Jupiter Kush, also known as Jupiter OG, is super potent and—frankly—out of this world. If you’re into novelty names and cannabis, this strain isn’t to be slept on by you.


Jupiter OG is good for late at night, as it can induce sleep, and it delivers a powerful case of the munchies ideal for patients with eating disorders. CBD levels are reportedly quite high, this strain can also be an effective medication for seizure disorders and other conditions that respond to CBD. Jupiter Kush is also said to be great for people with anxiety. Jupiter Kush has a reputation as a potent medical choice. The Jupiter Kush marijuana strain can be used for a slew of conditions such as headaches, arthritis, chronic pain, depression, insomnia, migraines, anorexia & other eating disorders, as well as ADD/ADHD.


Beyond its uncertain Kush heritage, little is known about this strain’s genetics, but it produces a diesel aroma and a citrusy pine flavor. To be more specific, Jupiter OG has a strong skunky smell that can also be likened to the pungent aroma of fuel – a trait that seamlessly represents its OG lineage. Its harvest-ready buds are covered with orange pistils and tacky resin. The typical flowering time for this strain is 65 to 70 days with a yield of approximately 12 to 16 ounces. This herb is the winner of the 2nd annual LA Medicinal Marijuana Award. The THC levels range from 17-18% in Jupiter OG.

This hybrid strain is part of the celestial Kush family, consisting of Mars Kush, Saturn Kush, Moon Kush, Neptune Kush, Nova Kush, Star Kush, Earth Kush, and so on. Named for the largest planet in our solar system, Jupiter OG has a big impact on its users. Not only does this indica boast one of the highest yields of the planetary strains, it’s also fast-acting and extremely potent. Users report feeling the effects within 10 minutes of consumption. The details regarding Jupiter OG’s cultivation are quite limited. However, the strain is widely known to produce a relatively generous yield compared to the other planetary strains from the OG Kush lineage.


Known among the celestials for its particularly dense nugs with an abundance of reddish hairs, Jupiter OG leaves nothing to be desired. Furthermore, Jupiter OG’s high is regarded as immediate and lasting. The onset usually involves an uplifting head buzz that encourages happy and creative thoughts while sending users into a calming euphoric state of mind. If you get the chance to try Jupiter Kush, don’t pass it up! It’s stellar! For more rare and exotic strain reviews, check out

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