Adulting is such a funny term, because as I’ve aged, I have realized no one ever truly feels like an adult. Or perhaps they do, and such a feeling is unfathomable to me. Even though I can reflect back on my growth, I still struggle to take care of the basics. I know many of us do. However, I’m so happy to be able to medicate with cannabis for certain tasks. While not the worst, they’re also not the most motivated. Thanks to cannabis, taking care of these regular necessities is a much less painful ordeal. If you struggle to handle these as well, consider adding some of your favorite active or stress-reducing cannabis strains to your routine for any of these activities.

Going to the gym is one of those things that requires good timing and discipline. With the right buzz, I’m excited to work toward physical and mental wellbeing. Even during the crowded post-work hours, I can zone in on one machine and shut out the muscle bros surrounding me.

Doing yoga at home, getting high, is quite honestly one of my favorite ways to unwind. It’s also my go-to activity for leisure recently, but gives me a sense of balance and pleasure when little else does.

Doing dishes sucks, and I’m bad at it. My roommate does them maybe 80% of the time. We do have a dishwasher, before you judge. When I do get to the dishes before she does, I blast Lana Del Rey, smoke a bowl, and power through them. The satisfaction of a clean sink is so mature.

Brainstorming for work can come from anywhere- my day job is in media. In my non-working hours, some of my more clever ideas and inspirations have been born of good streaming binges, Pinterest scrolls, but always with a bowl packed.

Reading is another way I spend a decent amount of my free time, and if it’s an evening sleep-seeking read, I’m definitely taking a hit of a nice cannabis for as many chapters as I can keep my eyes open.

Folding laundry is another home economical flaw I still haven’t mastered. I can’t even imagine how hard it would be to fold laundry for another person. It takes a strong sativa and strong coffee for me to even attempt it.

Writing to-do lists, editing them, and checking items off feels amazing. It feels even better if you reward yourself with a deserved high.

Cleaning my room has become easier to keep up with ever since I made the active choice to do get the chores done immediately that take less than 60 seconds. When it takes a little longer, I go with a peppy strain to go beyond the regular cleaning. Maybe add some decor. Make some executive decisions on clothing donations.

Taking care of my skin, hair, nails and general “beautification” rituals is actually not the most exciting task. I find myself caring more about it the older I get, though! While I remember my daily wash, moisturizer, and sunscreen, I often find it to be a chore. With enough time to devote to a face mask, or perfect nail polish stroke, the right indica forces my ever waking mind to slow down and enjoy a refreshing skin treatment.


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